I think we’ve learned there is always a reason for a random event in Bluebell. And the random event on this week’s Hart of Dixie seems awfully familiar if you were a fan of a certain show on The WB.

Hey look… a basket! Perhaps that basket was bid on in some sort of town auction??

While season 1 of the show was really about establishing Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson), NYC surgeon, in the teeny tiny town of Bluebell, Alabama, Season 2 is really about figuring out all the relationships now that she is here. For one petite little doctor she sure threw a huge wrench in a lot of love connections.

But this week Zoe gets a little help in the shaking things up department with the weekly town event – an auction. But not just any auction. In this auction the men of Bluebell make baskets for a picnic lunch and the women of Bluebell bid on them for a date with the guy. Sound familiar? If  not, check out this video of a certain show that takes place in Stars Hollow. How we know Stars Hollow is classier than Bluebell – their auction takes place in the town square gazebo and Bluebell’s takes place in the Rammer Jammer. Maybe because Wade isn’t as crotchety as Luke.

While there is almost no reason for Laura Bell Bundy’s Shelby to be back this week except to provide Brick (Tim Matheson) with someone interesting to buy his basket (that date was too cute – and maybe there were some sparks??) but I’m glad she was there. Why? Because it made a certain part of George (Scott Porter) and Tancy’s (Mircea Monroe) first date seem extra fun. That’s right – George and Tancy are on, y’all. He fixed his basket full of her favorite things, with some help from Wade (Wilson Bethel), so she would bid on them. Their date was adorable, but it included a Class C Felony of breaking into a car so Tancy could get her dog back that her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend kept. When the new girlfriend came to get it back, George Legally Blonde-d their way out and got Tancy her dog back. I just wish Laura Bell Bundy could have been in the scene to bend and snap afterwards.

I’m a fan of this George and Tancy thing. I think George has needed to loosen up, and Tancy is the girl to help him do that. Even Zoe had to admit that they were cute. Whatever happens with George and Zoe, I hope that Tancy sticks around awhile. I like that crazy girl.

Meanwhile, Ruby (Golden Brooks) was very busy being all about buying her new place in Dallas. So busy she didn’t pay attention to what was in Lavon’s (Cress Williams) basket so Lemon (Jaime King) ended up buying it. Not on purpose, in case you thought Lemon was reverting back to her evil ways – she thought she was buying Walt’s (Rich McDonald) basket. Remember he was the cute guy Lemon and Ruby fought over in Mobile? Anyway, Lavon still went on the date with Lemon because he wanted to pull a Rory Gilmore and not break the rules by switching baskets. Their date was so sweet and made me cry a little because it was just so sad watching Lemon’s heart break as Lavon realized that he was in love with Ruby. But Lemon looks like she may find some consolation with Walt. And while Lavon’s love is returned by Ruby, will it last that distance in a month? Poor Lavon. I just want to hug him.

Then, of course, my heart will break as we watch Zoe and Wade. Wade goes all in and tells Zoe he wants to progress their relationship and go on a date and he wants her to bid on his basket. But while she works out whether or not she should with Ruby (Lavon wanted nothing to do with this drama and Zoe was forced to thaw her icy friendship with Ruby), Magnolia (Claudia Lee) outbids everyone. She totally Jess Mariano’d that basket away from Zoe! But it’s cool because unlike Jess when Zoe pulls a Dean and tried to buy the basket from Magnolia, the sweet teen folded for some front row tickets to Taylor Swift. Huh,  I wonder if Jess would have folded for Taylor Swift tickets…. We’ll never know.

But the Swifty tickets may be for nothing because that date didn’t go well. They were so nervous and couldn’t get a conversation going. I was so mad because we’ve seen them talk a million times. It’s The CW – it’s not like we were going to be seeing the sex part of their relationship! And it got worse when Zoe found out about George and Tancy and made a comment about them not being a good fit because they were nothing alike. Wade basically gave up at that point and went home. Booo.

So what now? I’m very curious as to what happens next week. Obviously we all know what I want to happen – Zoe to come to her senses – but Wade’s feelings are pretty hurt. She’d have to go all out. May I suggest a flash mob??

What did you think of the episode? (I still like A-Tisket, A-Tasket better, but this one was cute too)

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