You know what happens when two couples are forced to hang out together but one  non-dating pair used to be married to each other and the other non-dating pair used to want to date but never did? (Follow that?) You get a lot of people looking like this:

These are not the faces of happy people, and most of the time on tonight’s Hart of Dixie it’s what they looked like. But don’t worry… I think you’ll like how it ends up.

Before we get to the wonderful quadrangle that is Zoe/Wade/Tansy/George, first  there is the new developments on the Lavon (Cress Williams) and Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) front. Annabeth meets a new man that has a British accent, Oliver. But it’s not real, it’s some sort of psychological disease (seriously, this show!) so Lavon wants him to tell Annabeth the truth, which he does.

Meanwhile, Lemon (Jaime King) finds out Brick (Tim Matheson) is having an affair with a floozy thanks to a racy bra that Magnolia (Claudia Lee) found in the couch. Lemon decides it is Annabeth who is having the affair with Brick. Why? Does it really matter why Lemon does the things she does? No. The point is, she is cuckoo and watching her run around like a crazy person is part of her charm nowadays.

Annabeth decide that Faux Brit Oliver needs to go to the doctor for the migraines he has been having and subsequently loses his accent, Annabeth hugs Brick for fixing Oliver… then Lemon walks in. The misunderstanding is cleared up in that adorable Hart of Dixie way with Lemon looking flummoxed after Brick tells her Shelby (Laura Bell Bundy) is the  cheap-hooker-bra wearing “strumpet.” The next day she puts on her happy face for dad and later lets Shelby know that she will take her down. Oh Lemon – always in need of a scheme.

Totally Southern Oliver runs away to be fake British with other people, leaving sad faced AB feeling like she is mean. But Lavon is there to comfort her and says funny British words like Quidditch, which isn’t British but fictional magic, but he is perfect and adorable so I’ll let it go and uh oh are we all shipping AB and L now? I know the owner of the Rammer Jammer is!

Now, as for that other group of people. Well… let’s just say that George’s mom is the worst. But we’ll thank her for it a bit later. After the most awkward triple date in the history of triple dates with George’s parents, George (Scott Porter), Tansy (Mircea Monroe), Wade (Wilson Bethel) and Zoe (Rachel Bilson), Mama Tucker decides that Zoe and George are meant to be together and she will do what it takes to make it happen. Damn, Mama Tucker, get off that train. That was so early season 1. Zoe and Wade are where it’s at! Just ask Twitter!

Anywho, she comes up with a convoluted plan to get George and Zoe on his house boat and pull it out into the water where they will remain until declaring their undying love for each other, and possibly getting married and conceiving a child. I’m unsure just how far Mama Tucker was willing to play this out. That lady is nuts and I wouldn’t have put it past her to have hid a Justice of the Peace on board.

And while George, Zoe and Wade fight against her, Tansy (who with Wade found used the canoe at the dock to get to the boat) thinks maybe mom is right because eventually Zoe will just want to leave Wade anyway and it’s not like George is going to see a future with her. I love Tansy, but she skewed a bit into obnoxious for the first three-quarters of this episode. That said, she had every right, so I’ll let it go. If I was stuck dealing with Mama Tucker, I’d probably go nuts too.

But here’s the thing…. Mama Tucker’s plan backfired. It helped Zoe and George to realize that maybe they will never be together and frankly, they are both okay with that. Why? Because Tansy makes George happy. And the ever easygoing Wade makes Zoe happy. Who would have guessed? (Me. I would have guessed. Ages ago. Good lord, these people take a long time to catch up.) And as for Zoe maybe one day moving back home to New York? Well, Wade has that covered too. He finds out that NY bartenders make a lot more than bartenders in Alabama. Just in case…

Now warm fuzzy ending aside, this doesn’t mean that things will be without romantic drama in the future. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS THE CW. But let’s all revel in the fact that Zoe and Wade are happy. HAPPY. I thought the episode did a nice job of solidifying these couples. For now. Plus I loved watching how angry Mama Tucker was at losing her battle. Serves her right.

Next week – the flu comes to Bluebell. And considering the kindergartners that were coughing and hacking on me during library time today, I am hoping and praying that when I write that review up next week it isn’t while suffering from the flu myself. If you need me I’m going to go take a Purell bath.

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photo courtesy of The CW