Finally, after what seems like forever, our favorite Bluebell characters are back with a brand new episode from Season 2 of Hart of DixieHave you missed their pretty faces as much as I have?

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 18

Zoe and Jonah. Photo Courtesy: CW

Click on through for my thoughts on the aptly titled return, Why Don’t We Get Drunk?


It’s been awhile, but I’m figuring you remember where we were – Zoe and Wade were miserably broken up, Geroge and Tansy are still at thing, Lemon is mad that Lavon and Annabeth were a thing, people are quirky. You know… Bluebell stuff.

Bluebell: The Premiere Hot Spot

Because things in town were not quirky enough, Lavon (Cress Williams) has decided that the brand new destination for college kids during Spring Break should be Bluebell. Somehow, because this town lives in a magical bubble, this idea works and the town is filled with scantily clad college kids. From the Rammer Jammer to the town square to the pond between Wade and Zoe’s apartments – kids everywhere. Also, magically, the town had enough twinkle light and luau decorations to cover the whole town. I honestly can’t get past it and have a hard time concentrating on the show. It’s just…. amazing. I want to live in Bluebell because it seems no matter what decorations I need for a party, being friends with Lavon will mean I will have it covered.

Not only is there a ping pong table on every corner, returning nuisance, I mean Bluebell citizen, Ruby Jeffries is traipsing around. She helps old love Lavon keep from losing all his Spring Breakers to the evil neighboring town by sponsoring a hands on a hard body contest – you know, last person who has their hand on the boat wins it. It’s worth $50,000 which brings Wade and Lemon to the contest – they both want to buy the Rammer Jammer from Wally who, despite making what must have been a ton of money selling liquor to people who are probably too young to drink during this Spring Break, has decided to sell.

Jealous Minds

Jealousy is afoot in Bluebell. Sadly, no, Wade and Zoe are not showing any jealousy over any of the other’s shenanigans. But George is showing some jealousy about Zoe. Now, as you may have seen on my Twitter today, this was in the description for the episode and I was… not pleased. Neither was Tansy. But, to be fair, I did jump to some conclusions. Most of the jealousy was just “I don’t want my friend I care about to go out with the dude I hate” not “Oh I love her and I want her to be mine.” So let’s all say a little thanks to the writers for that. Of course, then at the end Jonah Breeland left town and suggested that Zoe just wants to be with George and blah, blah, blah. I get it. This is going to have to happen and apparently by next week I’m just going to have to deal with it.

Meanwhile, Annabeth’s jealous side comes out in the most perfect, sweet, adorable way when she sees Ruby with Lavon. Have I mentioned I love AB? But more on those two in a minute.

hart of dixie fasion for 2x18

Some looks from this week’s Hart of Dixie.

Forging Friendships 

One of my favorite pairings on this show, and I feel like I want to tell the writers that I specifically mean this in a non-romantic sense. NOT. ROMANTICAnyway, one of my favorite pairings is Wade and Lemon. Why? Because for people that are so completely opposite from each other, they are exactly alike in so many ways. Let’s face it – while Wade has wanted to buy a bar for some time, you have to admit that wanting the Rammer Jammer rightthisveryminute may have something to do with trying to get over his relationship with Zoe. And Lemon – boy howdy, what relationship isn’t she trying to ignore? Her losing Lavon again? Her shaky friendship with Annabeth? Annabeth’s clear desire to still be with Lavon? Her dad’s relationship with Shelby? Lemon, albeit partly because of her choices, is more on her own that she has ever been and she just wants something to distract her.

But these two sad, sad, people proved they are not what everyone thinks they are. Wade wasn’t a quitter and hung on to that boat to prove he could buy his bar. Lemon hung on so she could finally do something on her own with Brick. The pair’s tired conversation when they were the only ones left at the boat encompasses all that is great about them – they can be strong when they want to be, not only selfishly, but, more importantly, selflessly. As Lemon let go to leave to be with her dad who was having an MRI, Wade let go at the same time because, as we know, deep down he’s just a good guy.


Of course now they are splitting the money and are going to open the restaurant together. What sweet and glorious drama that will bring! (Again, NOT ROMANTIC!) Speaking of drama – on a scale of 1 to 10 just how likely is it that Brick’s MRI was so not clear at all? A 14?  A 114? Dude has something wrong with him.

Happily Ever After

But not everything is drama. After her harrowing and sleepless night at the boat and watching AB be distracted by Ruby, Lemon finally tells her BFF to go after her man. Now, editing-wise, this was after she looked at George and Zoe sitting together. We get it, guys, you want those two to happen. Yikes. But, the point is, Lemon finally was a good friend and let her best friend be happy. I love it. And when AB went to throw her hat in the ring, it turned out she wasn’t going to have to fight too hard – Lavon told Ruby to head back to Dallas, he has a new woman in his life! Awwwww. Lavon and Annabeth are so cute, y’all!

Favorite Looks

There were two looks that certain characters made tonight that stood out to me, versus something someone said. The first was from Tansy. Her “you go girl” look when Zoe said she was just using Jonah for sex was perfect. It’s a shame these two are going to probably hate each other soon.

The other was for my Zoe/Wade fans – Their one real scene tonight was brief, but sweet. As they tease each other in the kitchen, and the Wade walks away, Zoe made a face where she tried to almost shake the smile off her face. It’s sweet that even if the writers are clearly Team George, they know Zoe is still at least a bit Team Wade, whether or not she wants to be.

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See you next week for Bluebell’s Shakespeare Festival. Because of course they have a Shakespeare Festival. Never change, Bluebell.