The good news – an adorable couple got married in Bluebell this week on Hart of Dixie and another pair patched up some differences. But it’s another couple that split even further apart that I have a feeling everyone will be talking about.


Isn’t it nice how cute Lemon looks. Yeah…. I’ve got nothing to cheer y’all up. So let’s just get to the episode…

Instead of drawing out the wedding of secondary characters, Tom (Ross Phillips) and Wanda (Mallory Moye) decide to get married in 2 days. Because why not? I mean, of course there is some nonsense to get through – like Wanda breaking out in hives and briefly postponing the wedding and maid of honor, Zoe (Rachel Bilson), trying to deal with Wanda’s mom (Debra Jo Rupp) who didn’t think it was a good idea her daughter was getting married. But don’t worry, even Zoe, and Best Man Wade, coudn’t mess this one up, try as they might have. Wanda and Tom were adorably married with Wade (Wilson Bethel) and Zoe by their side. [single tear]

As for Lavon (Cress Williams) I’m not sure what to make of his story – Fillmore’s mayor wants to build a shopping mall next to Bluebell’s beach. It just seems more like a push to remind us that George (Scott Porter) is, in fact, a lawyer who on occasion practices law. But George has lost in the past to Fillmore’s lawyer so he gets a little nutty in order to get ready. George won, which is great for him (and Bluebell) and he was pumped (crazily so), but I felt it was difficult to even pretend to be interested in this story. Why? A- George is only doing lawyer stuff once every 15 episodes. B- We didn’t even see him doing lawyer stuff. Like at all. Except one meeting. And I barely count that. So, yeah for no shopping mall. But whatever to the rest.

Lemon (Jaime King)…. went to a psychic because, why not? Really, it was because Cricket thought she needed something to give her a path to walk now that she had no man, no BFF and having to deal with a wedding. What did that psychic tell her? She had already met her companion. So when Lemon ran into a 2nd grade classmate she hadn’t seen in forever and assumed he was the guy. Side note – isn’t this town super duper tiny? How has she not seen him since 2nd grade. I know she lives in her little Lemon world and all, but come on. He wasn’t at one of the zillion town events that seem to be mandatory? Really? Anyway, turns out this guy still eats paste. He was not the guy. Who was it? Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black). Duh. I’m not sure what this will mean for Lavon and AB, but I’m glad these two BFFs are back together.

Then there’s the other stuff. I honestly don’t know what to say at this point. Over the course of the episode Wade does what he can to be as sweet and nice as possible after lying to Zoe. But Zoe eventually figures out he did sleep with the slutty girl at the bar. Wade goes to tell her, but it’s too late. So they break up and it is miserable. Tansy (Mircea Monroe) who finally jumped on board the Zoe train, punched Wade in the gut (to save him from a George beat down) and I think we all kind of know how it felt.

I think in some ways it’s almost completely expected that this happened. When we met Wade did it seem likely he would be able to keep a relationship without cheating? No. And even if he was dating Zoe Hart, I feel like it was going to happen. They were never just going to walk into the sunset — it’s a television show. A television show based around a love triangle (square? pentagon? hexagon?), for that matter. It is not just going to happy ending itself out in season 2. Hell, Gilmore Girls couldn’t even manage to make that happen in Season 6.

Here is what upsets me – they tried to make Wade this decent guy. And they did it really successfully, as it turns out. Then  they needed the story to go another way so they sabotaged him out of nowhere. And now he’s going to go down a dark path, which in and of itself is a normal reaction to Wade losing Zoe, but it came about in the worst way. I don’t think I’ve given up hope yet. I think that there is a chance it will be worked out. They can’t trash Wade’s character forever, right? RIGHT?

It’s just all hard to watch. I watch this show for that happy. And this… this is not happy. It’s sad to see my favorite character trashed like that. Before we know it he’s going to be Gossip Girl(Too soon?)

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