There is one major flaw with tonight’s Hart of Dixie – Zoe constantly lets things keep her from spending time time (in the bedroom!) with Wade. Seriously? What’s going on there? But with the entire town now in love with her after she saved them from the flu “like Clara Barton in shorty shorts,” she is the popular doc in town.


Poor Brick – that realization just about ruins his birthday!

In this least important part of the episode – Tansy (Mircea Monroe) asks George (Scott Porter) to watch her dog, Dolly Parton. He doesn’t like the dog. He loses the dog. He finds the dog and coaxes her out from under a dock by singing Jolene, like the dog likes. In related news, This Video. (Told you I would always post it when you sing, Scott.) It was kind of just filler this week for these two, but hey – that’s okay because: Shirtless George. Singing George. Tansy and George are cute.

Meanwhile, Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) and Lavon (Cress Williams) are both trying to figure out what to do with their feelings – especially now that they’ve slept together. But there is one major issue – Lemon (Jaime King). When AB starts to bring up Lavon, Lemon immediately suggests AB goes out with the latest Breeland to emerge, her cousin Jonah (Travis Van Winkle).

Of course, AB doesn’t feel anything on that date (why? He’s so cute!) because she has feelings for Lavon (Oh yeah. He’s cute too!). But it doesn’t end up mattering in the end, because when AB comes clean to Lemon, Lemon oh so quietly rips her head off and AB dumps Lavon before they even really started. This whole trio is just tragic. I get why Lemon is hurt – there’s a girl code and all. And while she may be good with Walt, there is no one who believes that Walt is anything other than a consolation prize for not being able to win back Lavon, right? Poor Lavon. Just let the beautiful man find love!

Meanwhile, both Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Brick (Tim Matheson) are still feeling the effects of the flu outbreak. Brick is noticing that suddenly all of Bluebell turns to Dr. Hart in their time of need and he’s getting a little worried about his position as top doc. So instead of having his birthday party as planned – which was meant to be a reveal to the town about his relationship with Shelby (Laura Bell Bundy) – he decides to cancel it, ruining Lemon and Magnolia’s (Claudia Lee) plans to use that to destroy their dad’s new relationship. Magnolia goes ahead with the sabotage by planning a surprise party where Shelby will pop out of a cake a do a burlesque number. Naturally.

laura bell hart of dixie

Shelby, despite Magnolia eventually revealing her true intentions, still does the routine to the delight of all the townspeople who welcome her as Brick’s new lady love. And of course they do. She’s Laura Bell Bundy for goodness sake! She’s a Broadway Star! (yes, that is Christian Borle from Smash)

But all this new love for Dr. Hart, adds a new wrinkle in the Zoe/Wade (Wilson Bethel) of it all. She is so afraid of losing the love of the townspeople that she can’t make time to spend with Wade. Again I ask…. seriously? I mean COME ON. How many people are in Bluebell? I know they are a needy bunch but she can’t find the time to get over to his place for an hour?? That is just crazy talk. They work it out in the end, and her love of her career (and her pointing out with very little tact that he doesn’t have one) pushes Wade back on track to figuring out his own bar.

Of course, they arrive just short of actually getting to bed, because Lavon shows up with the sad face. I love how as they comfort their mutual BFF with chocolates and their two adorable shoulders to cry on, they are still touching each other behind Lavon’s head. They are so sweet. Too bad next week’s episode is ANOTHER where they are in trouble. Enough already, y’all. Just give me one week!

Favorite Quotes

“Can we just pretend the last 15 seconds never happened?” – Annabeth after letting it slip that Lemon still had feelings for Lavon. Followed by her running away.

“I feel like I’m in a Foldgers commercial!” – Zoe’s thoughts on the cabin

“We’re all dying. Just at different rates.” – Zoe’s cheery thoughts on life.

“It was really hard to keep the story lines straight. I stopped watching Game of Thrones after the first episode, let me tell ya.” Zoe to Lavon about keeping the secret of Lemon’s feelings for him.

“I’m sorry! I’m 15! We make very poor decisions. You can look it up.” – Magnolia with a rare bit of honesty.

“We’ve got plenty of doctors…. and more than enough Breelands.” -Zoe when Jonah suggests he may move back to Bluebell

“I just got dumped. Help me eat my feelings.” – Lavon with the saddest pouty face I’ve ever seen.


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