When the flu hits Alabama, it doesn’t just mess with people’s immune systems. It messes with the love lives of several citizens of Blue Bell.


Which is just a reminder that you should get your flu shot. Really, Hart of Dixie is just one very long PSA this week. 

We focus a lot here at Small Screen Scoop on the Zoe/Wade (Rachel Bilson and Wilson Bethel) of it all. And of course we do. They are adorable and Wade takes his shirt off a lot. But let’s take a minute to discuss how great Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) is for a minute, shall we? AB wants to be nothing more than a wonderful best friend to Lemon (Jaime King) – an endeavor anyone would be right to question, considering that Lemon can be a big ol’ pain in the butt sometimes. But Lemon does have her heart in the right places, sometimes, and AB is always the one to see that. Which is why I love that when Lemon is trying to get ready for her ‘first time’ date with Walt (Rich McDonald), AB is the one to tell her she is just being a bit crazy.

“Lemon, I say this with love, but everyone of your choices is wrong.”

Oh Annabeth, I love you. Unfortunately, that pesky flu keeps Lemon and Walt from every consummating their relationship, for now. But it does bring Annabeth closer to Lavon (Cress Williams), something which brings her a lot of angst. After trying to avoid him all day, even pulling out of the completely ridiculous Bluebell strawberry commercial (did enjoy Director George Tucker though), Lavon eventually found his way to AB to take care of her when she is “sick.” (She wasn’t sick – just, you know, avoiding.) Oh AB, she totally tries to push away all those feelings brewing between her and Lavon and focus on getting Lemon ready for her 50 Shades moment with Walt (more likely 10 Shades… it’s Lemon, after all). But in the end she succumbs to Lavon’s advances. And by that, I mean kisses him. They kiss, y’all. And I love it. They are the two best friends in Bluebell, so of course they should hook up.

And before we get to Wade – there was also a cute story line with Magnolia (Claudia Lee) and Rose (McKaley Miller). Both of their pre-flu outbreak plans (a party in her empty house for Magnolia, a Black Keys concert for Rose) are ruined and they end up having their own party with just the two of them… until Magnolia gets sick too. Honestly, I thought the story line got mushed in and lost among all the other stuff, but I was just so happy to see them on screen and together, that I was okay with it. Now let’s keep them around and socializing in the future, you hear me, writers?

Then, of course, there is Wade and Zoe. Their story this week was sort of incidental but sweet just the same. I love that Wade going out of town and almost sleeping on his crazy ex-girlfriend’s couch wasn’t the cause of the standard misinterpreted moment RomCom trope. Zoe wasn’t jealous. She missed him and all it did was make her realize they shouldn’t play it all cool about being there for each other’s stuff. That being there for the random stuff like his band gigs or calling her when he is sick – that is what being a couple is about. Wade wasn’t going to do anything with the crazy ex, we all knew that. In fact he got the entire town of Bluebell sick to avoid being with her. Including, eventually, Zoe, who he ended up adorably taking care of after she took care of the whole town.

Extra thoughts:

Was Lemon funnier than ever tonight or was it just me? Her evil look to Lavon while leaving Annabeth’s. Her trying to hide being sick from Walt. Just super cute. She should also wear her hair down more.

Wade walking around Bluebell in that red hoodie was like the overly-conspicuous-A from Pretty Little Liars.

Can we learn more about Walt? He’s cute, takes care of Lemon and he can make lasagna. He’s a keeper.

I really wish it was strawberry season.

Is Wade available to take care of me next time I’m sick? [achoo!]


What do you think of tonight’s episode? It wasn’t the best, but it was sweet and not bad in any specific way. Although I fear what the combo of Brick dating Shelby and Lavon dating Annabeth will do to Lemon’s ability to remain likable in future eps. Don’t alienate Walt, Lem!

Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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