Have you ever said to yourself, WWLLJJD? No? I didn’t think so, but thanks to one of the more extreme Bluebell events on Hart of Dixie we find out just what happens when Zoe asks herself that question.

And when I say extreme, I mean it. This picture above doesn’t even begin to cover the extremes this Old Alabama event goes to. Think Stars Hollow Bracebridge Dinner, but in the whole town, not just the Inn. Plus completely authentic. Like no electricity level of authentic. Oh Bluebell, never change.

Hey remember when Zoe and Wade to decided to be a full-fledged couple? Yep, me too. I feel the need to soak in that moment for a bit because it was perfect. A month later, the two are still together, but it’s about that time in the relationship where people stop being adorable and stop being themselves, which when you are dating Wade Kinsella can be a bit of a problem. So in order to deal with Wade’s, well, Wadeness, she takes to a centuries old diary of the female half of Bluebell’s founding couple, Lucille Levitius Jeremiah Jones. Guess what – it’s a bad idea.

LLJD is basically the original Belle of Bluebell so her bible is essentially a 1700s version of What Would Lemon Breeland Do? And we all know that means be a good ol’ Southern Belle who shakes off her man’s ridiculousness and channels her built up rage into “projects.” You know who doesn’t want to date Lemon Breeland? Wade. Wade really really doesn’t. So he rebels against this anger free quilting Zoe by doing all he possibly can to piss her off. Oh you two.

And you know what was perfect about their shenanigans this week? I knew it wouldn’t break them up. In fact, the whole point is that it brought them closer together. They fight. They drive each other crazy. That’s what they’ve done since the first time their shared electric box blew out and she yelled at him. And then they made out in his car. That madness is what keeps the fire in their relationship. They argue and bicker, but in the end they also make each other laugh and make each other happy. Being themselves is what makes them work. Zoe, afraid their fighting means they will become their parents, just had to realize that she and Wade are not their parents. They are just “us” as Wade said in a way that made my heart flutter.

I think the only thing that upsets me about how much Zoe and Wade continue to grow more perfect for each other every week is the fear that eventually it will be ruined because for some reason Zoe and George are going to have to happen. And being that we are just half way through season 2, and there is no guarantees on how long this show will last, I have a few thoughts about that.

Zoe and George do need to happen at some point. Why? Because that relationship needs to happen and fail before Zoe will ever truly accept that she should be with Wade. While it is a different situation, I always look at the Lorelai/Chris/Luke situation of Gilmore Girls. I hated that Lorelai married Chris, yet I never argued she should have been with him. Without closing that door, she could never fully walk in the one that opened to Luke. Make sense? I think the same can be said here. However my ability to provide sound logic about it doesn’t mean I won’t bitch and whine the whole way.  And so help me, Zoe and George better not be the end game. Just saying…

As for the other loves in Bluebell – Brick and Shelby are on. Totally. It’s just ridiculous and fun and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. for Magnolia to find out. Never mind what Lemon will do. As for Lemon and Lavon – he’s still punishing her for pushing Ruby away. And when she actually had the chance to admit to Lavon she messed up him and Ruby because she still loves him, she didn’t do it. Oh Lemon Breeland, you do break my heart. And next week I think her heart may break a little more based on those previews…

How much did you enjoy this week’s episode? Are you glad your town doesn’t do that full experience old timey day? And how much did everyone enjoy the copious amounts of shirtless Wade and Wade in a towel? (I ask the important questions)

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