It’s Christmas time in Bluebell once again – though if Zoe’s shorts have anything to say about it, Christmas feels a bit like July 4th in Alabama. Darn that Global Warming!

And what’s a Hart of Dixie Christmas without a little romantic drama? Or in this case, ALL the romantic drama.

Before we get to what happened, let me vent about my sometimes issue with holiday episodes of television shows. Often they seem to live in their own little bubble. Like a snow globe. Where the events that take place on the “Very Special Christmas and/or Hanukkah” episode exist in their own special realm where any story progress that takes place does not matter when we come back from the winter hiatus. Let’s all say a little prayer to the deity (or television writers’ room) of your choosing that this is not the case for Hart of Dixie. 

And I hope those prayers work because I am just infinitely happy about pretty much all of it. The rundown: Lavon (Cress Williams) proposed to Ruby (Golden Brooks), but she found out that he used to be in love with Lemon (Jaime King) and so she broke up with him. Tancy (Mircea Monroe) and George (Scott Porter) remain adorable, after a brief freak out where she thought he was going to propose. Brick (Tim Matheson) slept with Shelby (Laura Bell Bundy) in Santa’s Village. And that’s it. Oh wait…. one other tiny thing. Wade (Wilson Bethel) and Zoe (Rachel Bilson) are on. For reals. No biggie.

Just kidding – major biggie. I may have watched that ending several times before tearing myself away to write this little article up. And if it’s shorter than normal than that’s just because I want to go back to watching it again. You can’t blame me, can you?

I love what this episode did for each character. I don’t know if Ruby is gone for good or not (I hope yes, but I’m not holding my breath) but it has twisted the Lavon and Lemon issue on it’s side. While they weren’t together, they were still friends, but he has turned to outright hating her for screwing this up for him. I’m hoping he realizes that while what Lemon did was selfish and stupid, she isn’t really to blame here. Don’t propose marriage to someone if you can’t even admit who it was you seriously dated before them. And then don’t force that person you loved to make nice with the new person you love. If the new one doesn’t know that the old love is an old love, especially. I mean really, Lavon Hayes. Really. You may be a smart man and the best friend Zoe has ever had (awwww), but you are duuuumb when it comes to this whole scenario.

But moving on to my favorite thing about the episode – the parents. My little tag in the headline of parental guidance suggested kind of goes both ways. For Wade, it is his ability to guide Crazy Earl (Christopher Curry). Their talk in the church where Wade let him know that Earl’s actions after his mom died of cancer were, while not completely forgivable, at least were understandable. How Zoe didn’t just jump Wade right there in the church is some sort of Christmas miracle, I think. But it’s good she didn’t because then she got to stand and watch Wade be even sweeter as he helped Earl save Christmas for the children of Bluebell and be Santa in the Square.

And then there is the formidable Candice Hart (JoBeth Williams), back in Bluebell to be all Judgey McJudgerson with her daughter. (Side note – I can’t remember, is Dad Jewish or Mom? Why didn’t she visit for Hanukkah? And side note to my side note, “Holy oy” is my new favorite phrase.) Zoe was so screwed up about having Mama Hart in town she basically lied about everything. But when Candice unraveled the not so clever web of lies, she was the one providing the guidance – if Wade makes Zoe happy, than just go with it. It doesn’t have to fit a plan to be the right thing. Good advice, Mama Hart. I like you better already.

So with those two events, a Christmukkah miracle occurred – Zoe apologized to Wade for totally sabotaging their picnic auction date out of fear and asked him to be her for real, out in public so everyone knows about it, boyfriend. It took Wade a second to catch up so I almost threw things at the screen when Zoe started to backpedal and take it back in fear that he would shoot her down. But he shut her up with a kiss and took her inside his place for some love time. Awwww…..

Let’s just end the show now before it all gets screwed up. Just kidding. Kind of. I hope and pray that we can have this couple be a couple for at least a bit. They are so crazy and there is plenty to write about to cause drama and still keep them together. Which is where they should be. Plus Lavon and Lemon are enough drama for a life time.

What did you think of this year’s Christmas in Bluebell??? Pretty great if you are a Wade and Zoe fan, am I right? For all of you who have been messaging/commenting me that you are hating Zoe, do you forgive her now?

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Hart of Dixie is back on January 15, 2013! See you then!

photo courtesy of The CW