Romance, or at least the desire for it, is in the air tonight on Hart of Dixie.

I think y’all know how McKayla Maroney feels about it. 

Oh small towns, you are so quaint. As Lemon so amusingly put it while in the midst of a fight with her BFF, Annabeth, “We live among simple people!” And these issues this week were so charmingly simple that I didn’t mind they mostly seemed to be just filling in the week because the audience is busy worrying about whether or not to brine their turkey this year.

First there is new power couple, Lavon (Cress Williams) and Ruby (Golden Brooks). As you can imagine, most people aren’t thrilled with their new re-connection. Lemon (Jaime King) and Zoe (Rachel Bilson), of course, are not fans of Ruby and aren’t going to just drop that for the sake of Lavon. As well they shouldn’t. Ruby is barely anything but a narrative device meant to push Lavon in a certain direction. I just don’t see her making up for her past actions in the eyes of these two women, or a good portion of the viewers.

But that isn’t Lavon’s biggest problem this week. This time around it’s Ruby’s grandfather (Charlie Robinson). Lavon assumes he’s still upset with him for breaking Ruby’s heart waaaayyy back in high school. But as Lavon discovered after doing a lot of labor intensive chores for Grandpa, it isn’t Lavon he’s upset with. It’s what Lavon represents – Ruby staying in Bluebell. No, Grandpa doesn’t hate Ruby and want her gone. He thinks she’s better than this little town. And despite what you may think of that, I can’t help but hope he’s right so she will go. And her “let’s just take it day by day” speech to Lavon when he asked her about it indicated maybe she thinks the same as Grandpa.

Then there is Lemon and Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black). Oh these two. They can be such good friends for each other, and then other times… well this is one of those other times. And to be honest, if I had been Lemon’s best friend my whole life, I’d probably do something like hide the fact I’m opening a catering business from her too. Because girl can be cah-ray-zee sometimes. But as the oh-so-wise (in this episode) George Tucker (Scott Porter) pointed out, after subtler, more gentlemanly tactics didn’t work , the thing is, they complement each other. (With an “e.” Ha.)

Lemon is a bit of a… I don’t want to say control freak. But yeah – that. And Annabeth is a wonderful cook. They need each other to make the business work, and it took a lot of pushing from George to figure it out. I’m curious if this will be a big story or just a background thing. But I am excited to see these two work together. That is, I am excited as long as they can still be friends. There’s no need to make them completely antagonistic. But either way, my favorite part of this story was Lemon telling George he has to do the contract for their business for free. Because he left her at the altar. Girl, you should milk that one for awhile. I mean, I’m glad he did and all, but still…. Milk. It.

And then there is a funny little love square. Zoe and Wade (Wilson Bethel) are part of it, of course. Because when aren’t they? But also – Rose (McKaley Miller) and her crush of the moment, Max (Nicholas Podany). Wade and Zoe are having a tiff because she wants a little romance, even if they are still keeping it casual. Wade, being Wade, has no idea what that entails. But he gets a lesson when Zoe catches the eye of a new man. And by man, I mean boy. And by boy, I mean Max, much to Rose’s dismay.  He fell in love with her after she came and sprayed a bunch of the football team for athlete’s foot, naturally. Max provides a lot of romantic gestures from copious amounts of flowers to, of course, a flash mob. And if I’ve learned one thing in the past few years, it’s that the only proper way to express your affection for another is via a well-organized flash mob.  So, well played there, Max. Well played, indeed.

Here’s the thing though. And no, oddly “the thing” isn’t that Max is a minor and Zoe is not. That would be too simple in Bluebell. The thing is Max has always used a girl as his lucky charm and this Friday is a big rivalry game and Max, the kicker, needs to play well for the team to win. Of course, Zoe puts the kibosh on this May-December romance after being shamed by Rose and her friend Tonya (played by Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney) and then Max basically tells her the team is going to lose and it’s all Zoe’s fault. The town, being so adorably bizarre, concurs.

Zoe, I think perhaps has been watching some Friday Night Lights in her free time (maybe because she thinks Jason Street is cute!) and learned a few pointers on how to give a good pep talk. She goes into the locker room and tells Max that he doesn’t need a lucky charm – he is brave and just needs to go out there and win! And of course he does, and once again the town forgives her.

As for Wade, he picked up a few pointers along the way and tried to bake Zoe some of the black and white cookies her mom sent her from NY (that he ate, that scoundrel!). They were horrible because he can’t bake, but who cares! Wade tried and that’s hot so they got naked. Happy day!

(Side note – maybe Lavon can teach Wade how to cook? While they are both shirtless because that’s how they do it, apparently.)

How is Zoe not completely in love with Wade yet? Hmmm??

That episode was sweet, but I’m just excited for next week when Zoe and Lemon team up for some reason. I can’t wait to see it!

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