Who wants to go camping with Wade?!  Me! Sadly, I’m not a “something other than Boy Scout because we can’t use that” so I didn’t get to go. But Wade’s camping trip along with some Breeland scheming made tonight’s episode of Hart of Dixie a lot of fun.

Do you hope these two end up being friends, eventually??

Per usual, the story lines tonight all revolved around the exceedingly complicated love lives of those Bluebell citizens.

While I was unsure how I was going to feel about the Brick (Tim Matheson), Magnolia (Claudia Lee) and Emily (Mary Page Keller) story, it ended up being better than I thought. Magnolia is starting to grow up, ever so slowly, and while her initial response to Emily and the thought of her ever moving in was to say she wanted to vomit, she eventually came around. And there was minimal Breeland scheming before they got there.

Which makes it all the more heartbreaking when apparently Brick putting his heart on the line sent Emily running back home. I’m not really happy with that because… why? It just came out of nowhere that she would just end it. I mean I get if she isn’t ready yet, but they are just done? Oh well…

Meanwhile George (Scott Porter) and Wade (Wilson Bethel)  got to finally spend some quality time together and put a few things on the line. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade are doing pretty well, I think. They are open with each other and she can be her wacky self with him and he accepts that. The thing he doesn’t accept- that they can’t tell George. Wade’s attempt to avoid  George when he thinks George is confronting him about Zoe sends him running to a camping trip with the fake boy scouts. But George is eager and volunteers to go too.

Turns out George wanted to talk about Tancy. He likes her and wants Wade’s permission to ask her out. Such a gentleman, that George Tucker is. But Wade says no. Not because he is jealous over Tancy. But because he is jealous over Zoe. He thinks George is just using her as a placeholder while he waits for Zoe, so Tancy’s heart will be broken eventually. Such a hero.

Eventually, George sets Wade straight. He really likes Tancy. Just for her. And he’s going to ask her out anyway. Also- he totally knows about Wade and Zoe (duh – who doesn’t?) and thinks Wade is reacting this way because he thinks Zoe just sees him as a placeholder while waiting for George. Oh, I love that bromance.  When Wade tells Zoe that George knows and doesn’t care, she reacts the way you would expect her to. The look on Wade’s face as he sees Zoe try to hide her disappointment was just, ugh, heartbreaking. I want to hug him. I’m afraid we are going to have a big kink in the Wade and Zoe happiness department. He loves her – it’s going to get in the way until she can feel the same.

In the “they are almost friends!” part of the show – Lemon (Jaime King) and Zoe scheme together to get Lavon (Cress Williams) away from Ruby (Golden Brooks). And by that, I mean Lemon schemed and Zoe just sort of played along because… well no one wants Lavon with Ruby. It’s all a bunch of silliness as Lemon thinks Ruby is having an affair, but it turns out she was just talking to a headhunter, which is just as bad because it means maybe Ruby is looking at taking a corporate job in Dallas. (Did you follow that? Oh Bluebell, you so crazy.) All the shenanigans lead to Ruby dumping Lavon for not trusting her.

More scheming from a sad-faced Lemon who realizes that even with Ruby out of the way she isn’t going to get Lavon back, leads to Lavon pouring his heart out to Ruby and her still going to Dallas to interview for the job. Which she takes. But comes back to Bluebell to hang with Lavon until she has to go back to Dallas in January. Talk about a placeholder! I’m not liking that at all. Why is he suddenly such a pushover??

Next week – the guys make picnic baskets and the girls get to bid on them in an auction. They aren’t even trying to pretend that Bluebell isn’t Stars Hollow anymore, are they? I may have to watch “A-Tisket, A Tasket” in preparation!

What did you think of the episode? I just want to hug Wade and Lavon!

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