This show remains adorable. And next week: hot with lots of shirtless Wade (Wilson Bethel)!

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"Gumbo & Glory"-- Pictured (L-R) Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart and Scott Porter as George Tucker in HART OF DIXIE on THE CW. Photo Credit: Michael Yarish /The CW&©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Hart of Dixie Review

This week’s Hart of Dixie and Brick Breeland had me so close to getting beyond frustrated with the show, but then in real Classic WB style, it reeled me right back in. Oh, Southern charm, is there nothing you can’t do?

New character alert: With the exit of Mrs. H, and it appears her daughter Rose as well (sad face), there was an open position for the receptionist of the medical practice. Enter Didi (Nadine Velazquez), a newcomer to Bluebell who catches the eye of Mayor Lavon Hayes. Turns out though, Lavon is still a little hung up on Lemon (WHY?!) and isn’t sure if he wants to do anything about it. But a glimpse of Lemon and George gives him the push he needs and he pursues sweet Didi. Unfortunately, for some apparent reason Lavon has very little game so he gets help from Wade – a ridiculous move since Wade’s game consists of cheesy lines and taking his shirt off. Also working against Lavon – Lemon. She gets wind of his new interest and does all she can to get Didi away from Lavon. Doesn’t work though, because in the end Lavon realizes that is what Lemon is doing and gets George to give her a job. Oh Lemon – you are such a brat.

In other Lemon being awful news (FYI – I love Jaime King, it’s just the character that drives me nuts), she tells George straight up he can’t see Zoe anymore. At all. What the heck? What makes it worse is that half the reason she does it is because she is upset that Zoe is so close with Lavon. Since she can’t do anything about that, she controls George instead. But George, being the good guy that he is, doesn’t listen. Zoe wants to compete in the Gumbo contest (mmmm…. Gumbo) to prove to Brick and the town she belongs. Her original plan was to cheat and have Emeril Lagasse send her a batch of his, but Burt Reynolds eats the package it came in. The gator, not the man with the glorious mustache. So Zoe decides to make her own and George takes her to a market outside of town (so Lemon won’t see) and help her get the ingredients. But she is smart enough to realize what is going on and gives him a hard time about hiding from Lemon.

While out at the market, a farmer gets injured. A big farm thing falls on him. My knowledge of these things are minimal. Anyway, the big machine cut into his wrist, severing an artery – if they lift the thing off he’ll bleed out. Zoe knows just how to fix him, but unfortunately, she is one-handed because she got bit by a Copperhead snake earlier. (Another example of how she doesn’t get life in the south and another reason Brick is trying to get her to leave) So Brick is called down –  quite interested to see George there with Zoe – and while Zoe tells him what to do, he performs the surgery to save the farmer. And then he takes the credit for the whole thing.

George wants to say something, but can’t because of the whole Lemon thing. Zoe gets super annoyed, and during the Gumbo contest while everyone is calling Brick a hero, she calls him out on being a prideful ass. But, in a moment where I actually support Brick, he calls her out too saying he was the one that calmed the guy down, went to the hospital with him, talked to the wife. So he is just as responsible for helping too. Yes, he’s being an ass, but so is she. So when Brick wins the contest (and Zoe mysteriously gets second place, even though she threw out the batch of Gumbo she made) she makes a speech congratulating him saying she hopes to learn about Gumbo and medicine from him in the future. Take that, Brick! She also stops George from exposing their outing, keeping it still a secret from Lemon.

The end had two lovely moments for Zoe, one she knew about and one she didn’t. At the practice, things were busy as usual for Brick and, well, not for Zoe. So he tells one of the patients to go see Zoe because she will be able to take care of them just fine. (Please, oh please, let this transfer to next week!) Back at Lavon’s house, Lavon told Wade he knew that Wade was the one that made a batch of Gumbo for Zoe (Zoe assumed it was Lavon). Wade denied it, but we know he did it. Which brings me to….

I’m Team Wade. Yep, I said it. I’m. Team. Wade. I enjoy George (and love Scott Porter). I appreciate he was willing to get Lemon very upset by telling the town he was there and let everyone know Zoe was as much to credit for saving the farmer. But he still is with Lemon. And allows her nonsense. I can’t deal with that. Wade made Gumbo. And he called Lavon “Bridget Jones” when he wouldn’t stop waiting for Didi to call. I reserve the right to change my mind, obviously, by right now – Team Wade.

Whose team are you on? What did you think of this week’s episode? Hit the comments and let me know!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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