This week’s episode of Hart of Dixie was titled “Tributes and Triangles” and boy did the two things cause a lot of drama. And by “triangles” I don’t mean the geometric shape, I mean the love variety. Although on this show it’s more of a pentagon? Hexagon? I’ve lost track. Let’s just get to the episode before I start having high school math flash backs.

Hart of Dixie Review “Tributes and Triangles”

So that tribute – it’s another one of these Bluebell silly events. This one is put on by the Owls (think Rotary Club type thing) which is headed up by Dash (Reginald VelJohnson). Each year they pick the Bluebell MOTY (Man of the Year). Harley Wilkes won 10 years in a row. In case you didn’t remember, Bluebell looooved Harley. They just think Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is okay, on a good day. Brick (Tim Matheson) is sure he won the award, as it would make sense since he is the only male doctor left in town. But surprise, surprise! It goes to the one, the only, George Tucker (Scott Porter) ladies and gentleman! Brick ain’t happy. George is shocked. Lavon (Cress Williams – how good is he, btw?!?!) is annoyed because now he has to throw a banquet for the dude marrying his One True Love. And give a speech about his MOTY-ness Awkward.

And that leads to a bunch of drama that, for the most part, I really enjoyed. First, there was finally some Magnolia (Claudia Lee) and Brick drama. These two do not interact nearly enough for father/daughter, which I suppose is probably the point of their story. When Dash told Brick that Magnolia’s behavior is a good part of what kept him from being MOTY it was clear Brick had zero idea this was an issue. Finding Magnolia at Wade’s (Wilson Bethel) and looking at him with googly eyes probably didn’t help. To be fair, if I was sitting with Wade while he played guitar, I’d make googly eyes too. Who wouldn’t? Especially if you had just seen him shirtless earlier. (SHIRTLESS WADE!!! Y’all didn’t think I’d make it through this without screaming that, did you? Because I have very little restraint.) The Wade/Magnolia thing was a little weird – she’s 14, dude – but I think they both taught each other a good lesson, so it worked. And Magnolia and Brick had their daddy/daughter moment at the end. Not that I believe Magnolia will stay out of trouble. She’s a naughty one. Which is what makes her fun!

Then there is the whole Lemon, George, Zoe, Lavon, Wade mess. Let’s see…. Lemon tells George not to call his dad because dad is always awful. Zoe, missing her own non-bio-dad who has essentially abandoned her tells George that you should try before you just can’t try anymore. So George calls dad. Then Lavon is supposed to write a speech about George, can’t do it, so Lemon tries to give him a save only to have Dash make her give the speech Lavon wrote. She talks about how awesome George is. The word “love” is thrown out at least three times. Lemon, Brick and George sees that there were no words on the page and she made it up. Everyone knows she loves George (how did Lavon not know?!). Lavon asks Zoe if she will tell George about L&L so that she can have him to herself. She says absolutely no, because they are BFFs. But Lavon tells Lemon that Zoe knows, subconsciously so Lemon will feel she has to tell George. Which she says she will. But George gets mad at his dad for bringing a reporter, he thinks to interview George about his brother, Harry’s, political campaign. As George berates his dad at the MOTY ceremony, dad has a heart attack. Lemon never tells George. George is mad at Lemon for making him doubt his dad. Brick tells George that Zoe’s dad is the best cardio doc there is, and to ask Zoe for help. He won’t, but Wade hears and asks Zoe for him. So Zoe calls dad, goes to tells George and they hold hands as Lemon and Wade watch on with the saddest faces known to man.


I honestly don’t know how to feel. I get this had to happen. There had to be a real moment with Zoe and George. The pilot of this series made it an inevitability. But, I don’t feel it with them. They are adorable, don’t get me wrong. But they are friends. Lavon is pining for Lemon, which I understand. And I get he wasn’t being malicious when he told Lemon that Zoe knew. But I want him to move on too. And then Wade. Oh sweet, sweet Wade. He was my favorite because he really stepped up as a man. He knew that having Zoe call her dad was going to put her closer to George (and he knew for a fact she loved him at this point). But he put his friend’s needs above that and made sure George’s dad got the best, even when George didn’t want to take advantage and ask. Wade’s face at the end broke my heart.

So now what? Well, we know Daddy Hart arrives – the wonderful Gary Cole. I bet he will be oh so happy to know that Zoe is considering changing her name to Zoe Wilkes. Speaking of – is that really going to happen? Because it kind of messes up the title of the show. Something tells me Daddy Hart ends up coming through for Zoe in the end. And what will become of all of the love triangles? I’m sure it won’t be figured out any time soon. But what I do need figured out immediately: WHERE IS ROSE? Did Magnolia lock her in the cell Lemon and Brick normally keep her in? In our interview, Claudia Lee mentioned that Magnolia and Rose were getting matching bracelets, so I take comfort in knowing we will see her again soon.

Or kind of soon. Hart of Dixie is off the air until April!!! APRIL!!! Everyone get in for a group hug. And get me some screenshots of shirtless Wade to look at in the meantime.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae. Photo: The CW. Starring: Rachel Bilson, Jaime King.