Instead of a full recap or review this week for Hart of Dixie I think it’s best to just look at what “The Race & The Relationship” is leading to on the series. The musical chairs of relationships in Bluebell can be a bit confusing at times, so with only two episodes left in the first season, let’s see where things stand.

Lavon has become the Yoda of all relationships. He tries to help Zoe realize that George isn’t going to happen and that Wade is in love with her. He helps Tancy get over Wade when she realizes he is still in love with Zoe. He helps Wade get over Zoe when he finally realizes she isn’t letting go of Wade. But the one person he doesn’t help is Zoe get over George when she realizes he isn’t going to be letting go of Lemon any time soon. Why? Because, honestly she doesn’t deserve his help. She was told, by multiple people, that George and Lemon are going to get back together because that is the way it is, but she didn’t listen. And of course, they do decide to try to work it out because when Lemon, crafty girl she is, puts her life in danger, George realizes he isn’t quite ready to give up on her.

Zoe was also told, straight up, by Lavon that Wade loves her and she was being cruel by being in this race (The Bluebell Shenanigan of the Week) with him just to get to George. But she didn’t listen. And she wound up breaking that beautiful boy’s heart. So now, on a personal level, she is a bit alone. Even her BFF is kind of sick of her crap, and frankly I don’t blame him. Harsh? Yes. But does she need a smack in the face from reality? You bet.

Then there is my dear sweet Rose. She FINALLY, with the help of Zoe, convinces her mom to let her go on a date with the one and only Frederick Dean – unfortunately for Rose it’s participating in the race. However, they quickly end up getting DQ’d from the race, so they go and have a real date, much to Rose’s delight. She gets a bit of a tummy ache at the thought of going to Bluebell’s version of Makeout Point, but Zoe just tells her it’s butterflies. Guess what… it’s not. Her appendix burst. Poor sweet Rose! So now professionally our little Zoe isn’t doing so hot either.

Where does that leave us? Well, for Zoe it leaves her feeling she has one choice – to get the heck outta town. Looks like Daddy Hart is back next week to bring his daughter home to NY where she belongs. But does she? Who will inevitably stop her? Her best friend, Lavon? Brick, who wants her to realize she is a better doctor than she is feeling like right now? Or, one can hope, Wade, who will finally put it all out on the line?

CW is still deciding about bringing this one back next season. The announcement should be soon. I’ve had my ups and downs with the show, but I want it to come back. I think Zoe can be a great character, mostly because I don’t love her all the time. In fact, a lot of the time I want to smack her. But I wanted to hit Lorelai Gilmore a lot too, so that’s actually a compliment.

Looking forward to next week’s episode. It looks like a good one.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae. Hart of Dixie Review picture courtesy of The CW.