Read this Hart of Dixie review to see if we approved of all those planksgiving pirate costumes.

Hart of Dixie “The Pirate and the Practice” Review

This planksgiving episode should have aired before Thanksgiving. But many of the Hart of Dixie episodes haven’t aired in order. Although, as for a reason for that, I do not know. This is a big network and this is a major show for the network. So why they’d let it flounder with missteps and confusion is beyond me. They’ve also made “Zoe wears shorts and it is hilarious” a thing, which is also beyond me. Because shorts aren’t hilarious. And fancy shorts are not very fashionable at all.

The Good of Hart of Dixie “The Pirate and the Practice”

  • Zoe refers to the townsfolk as “Bluebellians” and that’s cute.
  • Zoe/Wade was prevalent in this episode. Wade cared very much when he heard Zoe would be leaving for the holidays. He was so transparent about his crush I’m surprised only Lavon has sensed it. Girls usually have intuition!
  • The idea of Planksgiving is cute and a fresh take on this theme.
  • “This radio was a Wade trap!” Although, he had to go to a lot of fuss to set up his trap.
  • “Only crackpots talk in the third person.” Or geniuses.
  • Zoe stamping on Lavon’s foot to get him to the clinic.
  • Lavon finding a tiny lollipop at the Doctor’s Office. Remember when you were little and everywhere you go someone would give you a lollipop? Dentist, Grocery store, it didn’t matter – there was always lollipops. And they let you pick the flavor which always seemed like such a big deal. I kind of miss those easy, lollipop-filled days of yore.

More after this walk off the plank…

  • I’ve never really shelled peas (I think maybe once?) but I also miss the days when people sat on the back porch and did that. So much is done digitally that working with your hands and making things (or cooking) has become a lost art. This is why I love bloggers who are also bakers.
  • Having Lavon spy on Brick reminded me of something House would do. (Oh, totally random….cough, but don’t forget to read my House review!)
  • Jaime King is really good at playing a deranged kind of nice. Killing with kindness can work, see?
  • Lemon has a friend named Cricket. We may have already known that, but I definitely think it is adorable. (And better suited as the name of a pet…but whatever.)
  • “See, there is treasure in Bluebell.” It was so sweet it almost made me tear up.

The Bad of  Hart of Dixie “The Pirate and the Practice”

  • If Lemon and Jason Street, I mean, George, went to high school together than how come Mr. and Mrs. Tucker seem so unaware of the customs of Bluebell?
  • Part of me loves the idea that Wade and Lavon hatched for the airplane goodbye. But the more I think about it, the less romantic it is. The person who gets on the plane either leaves wishing they could stay, or sulks and probably drinks too much cheap plane vodka. It doesn’t really end all that happily at all. In theory, great. In practice, just don’t.
  • For storyline purposes, Zoe has (I forget her name?) call an ambulance without telling her what they should come in relation to, and she has them called before she even confirms the diagnosis. Of course, all works out when we learn that the little boy has The Bends. But I’d imagine the ambulance drivers would ask “what is the emergency” and want that information on hand.
  • Zoe had to wear jean shorts even when dressed as a pirate? Really? I’m tired of shorts being her signature fashion statement. Jean shorts are fine, but all those fancy shorts have got to go. I didn’t let Blair Waldorf get away with them, and Zoe Hart is no exception.
  • And while all the men looked so handsome in their pirate gear, what was up with Lemon? I couldn’t even focus on the dress with her white face, white wig, and white hat. She looked like a scary zombie clown on Valium.

This was a feel-good Lifetime movie-esque episode.

Grade: B+ for the Zoe/Wade stuff

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Hart of Dixie airs Mondays on The CW and stars Rachel Bilson.