This review will be relatively short and sweet, my Hart of Dixie friends.Partly because I just don’t know how much I have to say. But also because my internet is not being  my friend right now and until the people come and fix it today, who knows how long it will last! So let’s get to “The Kiss.”

Hart of Dixie The Kiss

Zoe and George as Romeo and Juliet. Photos courtesy the CW

The quirky Bluebell event of the week: Shakespeare night! Because why not.

There were some B and C storylines this week, most of which were just filler, am I right? To recap – Wade and Lemon re-opened the Rammer Jammer. Things went awry, until they didn’t. Look for new and equally ridiculous roadblocks in the coming weeks. But I do enjoy how they work together. As long as it stays that way. It’s Mental Health Week in Bluebell with Brick as everyone’s therapist. Lavon has stage fright, but AB doesn’t care and helps him through it. How? By being the best. Per usual. Tom and Wanda have bees, all of which they named, natch (I actually have more about that one in a second). Oh and Brick…. That we’ll get to when we talk about next week.

Thus With a Kiss, I Die

So… The Kiss. The name of the episode. It refers to a certain inevitable liplock between Zoe and George as they play Romeo and Juliet. They spend the entire hour trying to avoid it, for different reasons. George assumes it will upset Tansy because she has “Zoe-Issues.” Rightfully so. But of course, in girl logic I saw coming a mile away, as I assume any other girl did too, she figured him trying so hard to avoid kissing Zoe meant that it would actually mean something, so then George decided they had to do it.

As for our girl Zoe. Well… she had a dream that George came to her door with the New York Times he drove to Birmingham to pick up (Seriously, no one in Mobile would have had one? And yes, I am questioning the logic of a slightly crazy doctor on a show on the CW.) and then they made out. Zoe’s annoyance I’m sure mirrored much of the audiences. As for me, I was pretty indifferent. This isn’t my first love triangle rodeo on TV, and I know how this stuff plays out. Is it enjoyable? Not always. Do I think it can work out in the end if you are a Wade fan? Sure. And if you pay attention, the writers clearly aren’t done there either.

My problem is it mostly just makes Zoe look ridiculous. I mean this is quote from her therapy session with Brick sums it all up, doesn’t it?

Zoe: I know. It’s bad. And so embarrassingly repetitive.

Isn’t it though? I had to laugh at that one. The characters are revolting against the writers! But of course it led to Zoe trying to avoid the kiss. And it clearly meant something when it happened for her, even if she told George it didn’t. Ah the drama. I just… want it to get to wherever they want it to go. I don’t know. I LOVE SCOTT PORTER. Hell, I even enjoy George Tucker. But this just isn’t working for me. It feels forced and, as the girl said, repetitive. I just think it could go so many other places and be equally, or better yet, more entertaining.


The Bees Knees

So, like I said, Tom and Wanda got bees which they are now using as their livelihood.  I mean, it’s perfect Bluebell crazy. But when Zoe tries to help them out (so they can be Romeo and Juliet) she accidentally lets all the bees escape and they build a hive in Tansy’s trailer so she now has to move in George taking them to the next level. Dude. As a writer I always want to be in a writers room to see how they get to certain storylines. But this one? It’s just so out of left field and crazy I wish I could have been there to see how they came up with it. I mean…. Bees? Was someone watching Eddie Izzard over the weekend? What is even happening? It’s nutty. Totally Hart of Dixie nutty, so I’m okay with it. I just couldn’t stop laughing.


Rough Roads Ahead

Next week Brick finally comes clean about what’s been going on – he has a tumor and he needs to have surgery. Shelby is in denial over how serious it is. Lemon and Magnolia I’m sure are going to handle it with their usual Breeland Brand of Crazy. Jonah is back to help out. It’s all very “A Very Special Episode of Hart of Dixie.” And I know that sounds snarky, but I, for once, don’t mean it to be. They have handled the serious quite well in the past. It doesn’t usually make for good decision making on the part of the characters, but that’s pretty true to life, I suppose.


So now that the kiss is out of the way – what do you think is next? Do all of you fellow Wade fans cling to every moment between him and Zoe like I do? They were a little better this week. Wade just breaks my heart.


Next week my internet should be back as well as my regularly scheduled posts!

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