As you all may have noticed, I have a tendency to liken Hart of Dixie to Gilmore Girls given it is about a quirky small town full of equally quirky citizens. So when I saw this week’s episode involved snow fall, my fellow GG fans will understand that I was excited. It was almost Pavlovian. I just had to hope that snow in Bluebell could even slightly live up to the wonder of snow fall in Stars Hollow.

Right from the start though, I started to worry. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) was all excited for the snow, but Lavon (Cress Williams) set her straight. Snow in Bluebell is always a bad thing. And that was proved by a series of unfortunate events. I’ll be honest – my thoughts on snow in Bluebell are mixed.

First of all, I’m just plain confused on what I’m supposed to think about the Lavon/Lemon/George triangle. Lemon (Jamie King) and George (Scott Porter), despite the curse of the snow, make it all the way to Charleston, SC to elope. Then George decides, much to the delight of the entire Breeland clan, that he actually wants the whole real wedding hooplah – dress, aisle, cake, etc etc. Magnolia (Claudia Lee), who was let out of her cell for this episode was so excited. As was Brick (Tim Matheson), who has been dreaming of Lemon’s wedding since she was born. Apparently the thought of Magnolia eventually having a big wedding wasn’t enough, because who cares about Magnolia? This was sweet, but left me a bit confused.

Here is why – Lavon had moved on with Didi (Nadine Velazquez). Things were sweet. Didi was even going to meet his parents. But when Ernie and Carolyn Hayes (Ernie Hudson, of course, and Valarie Pettiford) arrived and announced that they were getting separated, things went awry. Didi tried to help to get them back together, but it wasn’t working because Carolyn had reconnected with a high school boyfriend on Facebook. (Damn you and your social networking sites, Zuckerberg!!!) And when Lavon found out about Lemon and George, he gave his mom a lecture- sometimes love isn’t about being with your One True Love. It’s about being with someone who is real that you can make it work with. Sad.

But Wade (Wilson Bethel) wasn’t going to give up so easy. What’s that? Why is Wade so invested in Lavon’s parents? Because basically, they are his surrogate parents. When they said they were getting divorced, he thought it was because of something he did. Ernie even had to give him the “two birthdays, two Christmases” pep talk. Of all the things Wade has done, for some reason this is the most endearing to me. Wade and Ernie come up with a plan – they turn Zoe’s apartment into Bora Bora, the trip Carolyn always wanted to take. They get her to come over and Ernie gives a moving speech apologizing for being so boring and not giving her enough attention. Carolyn points out she always wanted to go to Fiji, but the speech was enough that it didn’t matter and they make up. Alllll night. And tell Lavon about it the next day. Gross. But it also made Lavon realizes things weren’t right with Didi. So they broke up and it was so sad. Now he is back to just pining over Lemon even though she is still getting married. I really don’t know how I feel about that. It seems like a step back, character-wise.

Meanwhile, I actually really liked Zoe’s storyline this week. It is her dad’s birthday. Not bio-dad, obviously, because Harley is dead and people usually don’t send Macaroons from a French bakery to dead people. She expects a call from this guy from his home in Europe any minute. But of course, it never comes. The office manager at the practice, Addy (Eisa Davis), tries to get Zoe to see that maybe her dad kinda sucks. But it takes a long time for Zoe to get to that conclusion. Like finding out he’s moved back to NY, had his phone disconnected and never emailed her at any email address before she even starts to think it. It was so sad because all she really seems to want is this guy’s approval. Or even just acknowledgment. Then when she drives Brick to South Carolina so he can go to Lemon’s wedding (he had a concussion after someone smacked him in the head with a snowboard) and she realizes this dad wants nothing more than to be with his daughter, it finally hit her. Her dad is a dead beat. And then in possibly a moment of weakness due to the concussion, Brick told her that it is her dad’s loss. They have maintained some forward motion on this relationship, and this was a big step. I just want it to keep going. Brick is clearly not a horrible human being, and Zoe is infectiously charming. Just hug it out you two.

But, of course, my favorite part will be Wade/Zoe centric because, despite that awful poster CW put out of George and Zoe with the words “soulmates” on it, I won’t give up on Team Wade. When Zoe gets back from SC she finds her room has been Bora Bora’d and Wade inside. He tells her about Lavon’s parents, and that he already changed the sheets for her. Sweet and gross! He also finally apologized for breaking up her and Judson, and said if he was her One True Love, that they will work it out. But she says that Judson wasn’t her One True Love, and Wade gets a smile of satisfaction because she is his One True Love. Dammit. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! (she chants at the television)

Next week: Zoe does something dumb and upsets the town. Again. Why? Please let Wade make her feel better about it at least.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae