Much like my beloved Stars Hollow (where currently Lorelai and Luke are working on baby number 2. A boy. They already had a girl. They didn’t name it something like Doula.) Bluebell enjoys a town square event. This week’s Valentine’s Day themed event was the Sweetie Pie dance where couples went and announced to the world “we are sweetie pies.” Yeah, I think it’s a little lame too, but what are you going to do?

hart of dixie sweetie pie dance

Hart of Dixie Review “Sweetie Pies and Sweaty Palms”

Instead of a full recap, let me give you the rundown of the episode’s happenings, followed by my possibly ranty thoughts….

Didi’s ex-boyfriend came to town, just after she agreed to go to the Sweetie Pie dance with Lavon. Lavon, having been burned by Lemon going back to George, had a minor meltdown and broke up with Didi. But then he came clean (not about Lemon specifically, just about the ex leaving him) and they made up and made out. Then she found a picture of Lemon hidden in his house. Ruh roh.

George was supposed to send the Save the Date cards that Lemon addressed by hand. But he didn’t. He forgot them at the market. As Didi points out, Lemon may think this is because George is having second thoughts. George thinks so too since Lemon is going cuckoo. Her most recent crazy pants endeavor: setting Brick up with the pie maker Agnes in an attempt to get him to get over her mother. George tells Lemon that she has gone off the deep end, they don’t connect and he wants a break. When Brick doesn’t immediately fall head over heels in love with Agnes and tells Lemon it’s not happening because he is still in love with his wife, she goes the extra mean route and tells him about finding her mom. She didn’t leave to pursue her dreams. She left to get a new family. Brick then tells George about it, who realizes that is why she’s been extra cuckoo. They make up, and I cry because it is adorable and one of those moments when you realize Lemon is not an awful human being.

Zoe decides, after some egging on from Wade about Judson being boring, to take Judson to the Sweetie Pie dance. Of course, Wade, being the guy he is, decides to sabotage her ‘getting ready ritual’ every step of the way. Which leads to an all out war between Wade and Zoe. Something Judson eventually realizes Zoe is far more interested in than her date with him. Oh Judson, you are cute. But soooo boring. But cute. So points for that. Rose, who was supposed to be with Zoe while her parents were away until Zoe decided to go to the dance, lies and says she is staying with a friend. But that friend was also at the dance and Rose got hurt trying to break into her house. Wade gets Zoe, who helps Rose and the two friends make up. Then Rose points out that Wade likes Zoe. So Zoe tries to get Wade to admit it. And he does…. but then turns it into a joke and says the only reason he was acting that way was to win the town pool on when Zoe and Judson would break up.

Which leads me to my reactions…

What??? Okay, yes, we are only thirteen episodes into the series and I get two people just aren’t going to wind up together, but that ending upset me. Not because I ACTUALLY expected Wade to be completely sincere. He is Wade. But nothing? NOTHING? I mean last week he combed his hair and put on a white button down shirt in order to impress her. I know he is annoyed about the whole Judson thing, but seriously? And his girlfriend is horrible. Just had to put that out there. I don’t know why that ending bothered me so much, but it did.

And I’m VERY nervous about the happenings next week. If Zoe tells George…. I don’t know. I’m going to be pretty mad at the show. Mostly because at this point shouldn’t her loyalty lie with Lavon over all others? Over any lingering crush she has on George? Any hatred she has towards Lemon? What does it do except hurt her friendship with Lavon as well as Lavon’s with George? I’m hoping the previews, much like the “Wade telling Zoe he likes her” ad, is misleading and that is not what is happening.

Also, I hope Wade stops being a dork so he can make out with Zoe.

One other major thought I had about the episode and wrote at least four times in my notes: WHERE IS MAGNOLIA? Does she not have a Sweetie Pie? Do Lemon and Brick keep her locked up somewhere? And how long will it be before we see Rose again?

What did everyone else thing about the episode? Am I over reacting? I have been known to be a little over-invested in fictional characters…

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae