Per usual, drama went down in Bluebell tonight during “I’m Moving On,” the penultimate episode of Season 2 of Hart of Dixie. And, also per usual, I have things to say. But first, let’s do a little celebrating! Hart of Dixie was renewed for Season 3!

hart of dixie season 2 i'm moving on wade

Wade. Showing off his arms. Photos courtesy of The CW.


Raise the Roof!! Perhaps I’m being a bit literal (and a bit 1997) but we knew I had to use that promo picture of Wade, right? I mean… his arms. Anyway – the good news is, we get Hart of Dixie Season 3!

Tonight’s the prom at Bluebell High, because on occasion we like to remember that there are teenage characters on this show. And since we are revolving around a teen event, we finally get more Rose! Yay! I’ve missed you McKaley Miller. I don’t have much to say about you tonight, but know that I love you!!

Covert Affairs

In adorable drama, as opposed to overly wrought romantic drama, Lavon and the mayor of the next town continue to escalate their ridiculous feud. Remember way back when the writers acknowledged on occasion that George Tucker is a lawyer and he helped prevent some mall from being built on the town lines with his legal prowess? Yeah, I barely remember that too. But it happened and I guess off screen some more legal mumbo jumbo happened to continue to keep that mall out of existence. Said mall was the other mayor’s dream or something, so to pay back Lavon he decided to move his town dump to the town line so the stench would waft into Bluebell. Remember when Stars Hollow smelled like pickles? Me too.

hart of dixie season 2 ab and lavon

Lavon and Annabeth Forever.

Lavon took this all very seriously. For a man who had an apparently decent career in the NFL and the ability to come back to his hometown, become mayor and deal with the wacky on the regular- he can be a real child. Thankfully, his perfect match, Annabeth, took care of it by striking a deal with the mayor’s wife that worked in Bluebell’s favor. This was all very silly, of course, but it was a nice distraction to a lot of what else was happening. I mean look at the two of them! They are just the greatest!

Hart of Dixie fashion includes YSL, Rachel Zoe

Hart of Dixie fashion includes YSL, Rachel Zoe and Aruna Seth.

Mama Shelby

I…. I don’t know what to say about this. Shelby and Brick decided to tell Lemon and Magnolia they were getting married. Oh yeah, and b-t-dubs, Brick was in the hospital with a brain tumor. Father of the Year! Yikes. I really like Brick, but this whole thing is ridiculous. Do I think he is too easy on his girls and spoils them beyond all comprehension? Good lord, yes. But he didn’t tell them he was in the hospital with a brain tumor. No amount of “I did it for your own good” makes that okay. I honestly couldn’t get over that, so I don’t have much to say about the rest of it. Basically – Brick realized he has trust issues with Shelby so they should get married right away. Duh. That’s the natural reaction to that realization, amirite? No? What? I can’t even, let’s move on.

Rammer Jammer’s Falling Down

Last week Wade and Lemon knocked down a wall which broke the entirety of the Rammer Jammer. Lemon wanted to pay money to a hot guy who would charge a bunch. Wade wanted to do it himself. He did. It didn’t work. The place tumbled. Lavon saved the day by bringing in the entire town to fix it. Did he bring an electrician and a contractor? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what the Rammer Jammer needs right now. Also people who think before acting, which is not Wade or Lemon. This story seemed to be placed in there as a holder. I could not be more indifferent, so let’s just get to what we need to talk about, huh?

Star Charts and Drama Queens

Bye bye Tansy. I soooo wanted to like her. Every week I wanted to like her. But I just didn’t, so when she broke up with George, my only though was, “Oh great. Now George is going to run to Zoe so we can start this whole cycle over again.” I think Tansy was right to be annoyed with Zoe – she was being a self-absorbed drama queen – but I think her tactics were obnoxious and her lack of trust in George was just off-putting. I don’t know. I had troubles dealing with it. I mean. She was going to believe a star chart over everything else!

hart of dixie season 2 zoe

Zoe at the prom.

Zoe, meanwhile, took up internet dating (all the dates were Meatball, of course) and blind dates (Rose’s boyfriend’s dad). Neither went well. Meatball was… Meatball. And the dad (played by the delightful Rob Huebel) thought Zoe was a drama queen. WHAT? Says who? Oh, me in the last paragraph? Thanks for noticing. You’re right. She is. Run, Zoe’s Boyfriend’s Dad! Run like the wind!!

What does Zoe do after getting yelled at by Tansy and thrown out of the prom? She goes to Wade’s. And here is where the Zade fans can jump back aboard that ship with renewed hope. Where did she go in her time of need?? WADE. Why? Well, frankly, he’s really good in bed and she needed that. But also – she felt safe there. I don’t care if she was drinking or not – she went where she knew she would be okay, and that was Wade’s. And of course he let her in because he loves her.

Which leads me to – OMG I want to kill you Zoe. He. Loves. You. And now you are going to basically break his heart all over again – even if he’ll act like it doesn’t. I just…. Well, to be honest, I just want to see where the finale goes so we can discuss how we think season 3 is going to go down.

Because as you may have heard: HART OF DIXIE SEASON 3! It’s happening!

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