Last week on Hart of Dixie Zoe and George kissed for the first time post-Wade breakup and despite Zoe’s denials, it sparked something in her. Meanwhile, Brick had real actual problems, of the health variety.

hart of dixie season 2 episode 20

Zoe and Jonah discuss Brick’s health. Photos courtesy The CW

And just like any week in Bluebell, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” will all come around in the end to Zoe’s love life. Obviously. What did people in Bluebell do before Zoe came and gave them interesting love triangles, I wonder.

Instead of going on about the things that may or may not have annoyed people about tonight – Zoe make a fool of her self and screws things up again. Zoe feeling the need to vomit her feelings (which may or may not even be real, but more on that in a minute) on George – let me just get to what I think may be the general issue that has been plaguing the latter part of Hart of Dixie Season 2 especially.

Let’s start with that picture up there. Well, not the picture specifically. What that pairing represents – Zoe’s romantic dramas. They are forced. Forced by the writers and forced by Zoe. This is not to say that Rachel Bilson isn’t adorable and worthy of the admiration of every boy that walks across the screen (except Lavon. Never Lavon) because she is. She is a constant delight even when Zoe is at her very worst and alone looking at pictures of George and Tansy choking to death on a donut. What I don’t think is that she needs to be romantically linked to every appropriately aged male that walks across the screen that is good looking (except Lavon. Never Lavon).

hart of dixie fashion

Hart of Dixie Fashion – Season 2

Jonah Breeland (Travis Van Winkle) is very cute and very Breeland-y in his narcissistic persona. But I cringe every time they even hint at those two being an item beyond the long since passed window of “get over Wade sex” that he represented awhile back. He has become the hot guy she gets mad at and gets mad at her now that Wade can’t be that person. It’s unnecessary and it just seems like they are filling a hole that isn’t even in need of filling.

Then there is George Tucker (Scott Porter). Goodness, he was just fantastic this week. From his “GT out” exit of dealing with Tancy’s brothers to his reaction to Zoe after her confession. Just A+ stuff. And as for that confession spurred on by Brick’s hospital bed declaration that regret comes from not telling people you love them (shut it, Breeland!) – Just… No.

Zoe and George are this part of the show that I have a big issue with. They are both fantastic people who would inevitably have a nice, yet very boring life together in a house with a white picket fence and 2 children and a dog. And that’s exactly my problem – Boring. With a capital B. And this whole thing about Zoe suddenly feeling overwhelmed by her feelings for him… WHY? I mean. WHY? As I said – it’s forced. She is coming off a surprisingly (for her) devastating break up. OF COURSE she navigates to the safe, if not completely unavailable, guy. She only likes him when she shouldn’t and when she is running from something else.

George’s reaction of “Are you out of your freaking mind right now?” must have summed up the feelings of a good portion of the audience. And I can’t express how happy I am that it was the reaction he had. Zoe’s mental gymnastics, as Jonah called it, are astounding and I think a lot of my frustration with the season comes with trying to watch her jump around in her head and have any sort of common sense. Plus, I like George and Tansy – even if I’m never 100% sold on her, despite my love for Mircea Monroe.

hart of dixie season 2 episode 20

Wade and Lavon try a “Beyonce’s Navel”

But enough ranting – let’s take a moment and appreciate the good. Lavon and Annabeth remain an adorable couple and the best BFFs anyone has ever known. In fact it almost leads to them having a fight as they each help Wade and Lemon, respectively, in their Rammer Jammer Battle of the Week.  But being the  perfect pair that they are, Lavon and Annabeth just decide they adore each other even more because they are both such excellent friends. And the rest of us fall in love with them some more too. Cress Williams and Kaitlyn Black – I love you guys. And  Wade and Lemon continue their one step forward, two steps back dance of the Rammer Jammer. Curious if this is just going to be a constant, or it’s going somewhere specific.

And as much as I have harped on Zoe’s selfishness and forced romantic feelings – I did love that she finally admitted, out loud, that Brick is like her dad. She has two dads – a bio dad who died before she could know him, and an adopted dad who floats in and out and is no kind of support – Brick has been the one strong older male presence in her life recently. As much as they antagonize each other, perhaps because they antagonize each other, that relationship means more to me as a viewer than most of the rest.

Question – is Lemon or Magnolia going to find out about Dad’s surgery? Just curious. Did I miss a mention of that?

Okay – I’ve made my feelings known. I didn’t even get into the Three Brothers. I can’t really. I’ll talk myself out of liking Tansy at all. What did you think? Next weeks previews gives me hope for a good Zoe and Wade moment. Fingers crossed, Zade fans.

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