Last week I mentioned that I was really nervous about this week’s Hart of Dixie because I did not enjoy the the promos. But just as I hoped, CW misleading promos prevailed in my favor for once!

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Hart of Dixie Review “Aliens and Aliases”

Ok, brief confession… I barely was able to concentrate on the first fifteen minutes of the episode because I was lost in a haze of Gossip Girl Dan/Blair love. My notes are full of “Dair!!!!” and lots of little hearts. It was ridiculous. I was stuck on Twitter as we all dissected the wonder of the promo. And talked about how for once the CW promo for that episode wasn’t a total fake out. Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

But about this show… The case of the week, involving a science teacher from the school, who believes that Aliens are talking through him, was ridiculous. Of course, he wasn’t being spoken to by aliens, he had lead poisoning from the cheap tattoo he got in Mexico after his wedding. He is lucky all he has in lead poisoning. But the point of this case isn’t the aliens or the tattoo. It’s that withholding the truth from your loved one isn’t the worst thing ever if you do it to protect your relationship out of love. It was the lesson Zoe needed to learn.

Why did she need to learn it? Because she was this close to telling George about Lavon and Lemon after Lavon told her the truth about them. She lied to Didi and said that the picture was hers from when she tried to become a Belle and be more like Lemon. Of course, lying to George was even harder and she basically acted crazy around him. Being a guy, he thought it was because she didn’t get invited to the wedding. Yeah, George. Obviously she is going to be very broken up about not having to buy you guys a blender.

But when she sees just how happy George and Lemon are together and that Lavon just wants to move on with his life, plus that nifty lesson she learned from her patient of the week, she decides to keep it to herself. And forgive Lavon for asking he to lie. I’m happy about it. I know “honesty is the best policy” and all that, but if she had done that, it would have been about destroying Lemon, more than anything else. Lemon has repeatedly chosen George. She is a huge pain in the butt, but she does love George Tucker.

And speaking of Lemon, she was forced, by George, into a day of relaxation and not working on the wedding. As you can imagine, with uptight Lemon, that didn’t go so well. But eventually she went on down to the Rammer Jammer where Wade had a way for her to let loose – pretending to be his girlfriend (her name is Joelle, I finally learned!). Joelle’s ex spotted them at a bar last night, and he has a warrant out for her arrest after she burned his lawn for breaking up with her.

Lemon dresses up as Joelle and heads down to that dive bar with Wade. I love when these two team up. Wade told Lemon she looked hot and she loved it because who wouldn’t? And Lemon had fun! She called herself Roxy. She called Wade SugarLips and she drank and danced herself silly. And then when Wade finally called George to pick her up, she was adorable and happy. I love drunk Lemon.

Wade also found out that Joelle burned the guys lawn after he PROPOSED to her, so yeah, they broke up. Stupidly enough, Wade didn’t hide his guitar and lighter, so the breakup didn’t go well. But Lemon and George were happy enough and went skinny dipping in the pond! And she decided they should elope! I love it!

The episode was sweeter than expected and Zoe made me happy. Although she still isn’t talking to Wade after he caused her to break up with Judson. So there is that whole issue. But I’m sure it will work out. Right? RIGHT?!

Can’t wait to see what happens next week after Lemon made that decision to elope!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

“Aliens and Aliases” – Pictured (L-R): Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart and Wilson Bethel as Wade in HART OF DIXIE on THE CW. Photo: Greg Gayne/The CW 2011 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.