Has everyone cooled off from this week’s crazy hot (literally and figuratively) Hart of Dixie? Or are the images of scantily clad citizens of Bluebell still seared in your mind? The heat wave brought a lot of drama and sexiness (and future in-laws!) which made for a lot of fun this week.

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"In Havoc and IN Heat"-- Pictured Wilson Bethel as Wade and Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart in HART OF DIXIE on THE CW. Photo Credit: Michael Desmond /The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Hart of Dixie Recap: In Havoc and In Heat

My Sister’s So Crazy…
Things at the practice were going…. okay. It’s hot so people are doing silly things like the kama sutra on a boat in the night that leads to a back and butt covered in mosquito bites. Uncomfortable. Brick is still not giving Zoe clients, which is unfortunate. But when a pair of sisters comes in after one threw something at the other, George (who brought them in – he’s handling their recently deceased mother’s estate) Zoe treats one sister. The new receptionist, Addie (Eisa Davis) makes it out like Brick will be mad to find out Zoe is treating one of the sisters, which is frustrating given last week’s movement on that storyarc.  Zoe treated t Fiona who had something thrown at her, and she said that she was sure that something wrong her sister Polly – she had been acting funny since their mom died. Zoe tried to tell Brick, saying maybe they should prescribe anti-depressants. While he turned her down, I felt a bit better about their relationship – it’s still antagonistic, but with more sass and less straight-up hatred.

Later, while Zoe is at Merlotte’s …I mean, The Rammer Jammer she meets up with Polly outside – she doesn’t know who Zoe is, says she doesn’t have a sister and them slams Zoe upside the head with her purse. Zoe, now positive something is up, goes to find Brick and interrupts his dinner with George’s parents (more on that insanity in a bit) and they go and find Polly passed out in front of her house. When they decide to take her to the office in her car, they realize the exhaust is emptying out into the car, and she has carbon monoxide poisoning. Together they save the day. Again. Oh you two, just hug it out already!

Lemon makes Lemonade


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"In Havoc and In Heat"-- Pictured Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart in HART OF DIXIE on THE CW. Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/The CW©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

George’s parents are coming to visit and that sends Lemon into some sort of 1960s housewife frenzy where she puts on a dress that is extra Lemon-y and makes lemonade and a special duck recipe that George’s mother loves. Although she’s a bit distracted to find out that George is taking a half day when his parents come because Didi wants time off to prep for her date with Lavon. But being Lemon, she still manages to get everything done. Now, I don’t like Lemon, I’ve made that abundantly clear, but I’ve got to say I felt for her when George’s parents showed up. When Lemon said she made the duck, his mom said, very passive-aggressively, they had duck the night before. So instead they go out to dinner.

At dinner things don’t go well. The mom is constantly obnoxious to Lemon . And she orders the duck!!! Brick and George’s dad fight about a football game and who do they invite over to talk about it – Lavon and Didi who are dining in the same restaurant! Between the future in-laws and Lavon acting like Didi is his soulmate (which freaked Didi the heck out), and Zoe coming in to get Brick (and being admired for her teeny-tiny adorableness by George’s mom), Lemon has a nervous breakdown and runs out. She tells George she just needs some time to breathe and it must be the heat. But really, that was the dinner from hell, and even I fell bad for her. Later she goes to Lavon’s and …. well we’ll get to that.

My head’s in a haze, it’s like a….
That heat wave in Bluebell is brutal. Did you see Zoe’s hair? Girl, I understand your pain. And apparently during the heat waves people start to do silly things like want to make out with people they normally can’t stand. Wade and Lavon tell Zoe all about it at breakfast, while shirtless. Zoe complains about the shirtlessness which is the first time I’ve wanted to punch her in the face. Do you SEE them? I don’t care if it’s snowing – shirtless all the time, you two!! Anywhoooo… Zoe resists at first, but it’s not long before she is hallucinating Wade swimming in the pond towards her and taking off his wet shirt in slow-motion.

All resisting fades away when Wade comes in with a cut on his pretty pretty abs from the fence behind the Rammer Jammer. The whole touching his chest while giving him stitches and putting a bandage on him does Zoe in. She literally grabs a handful of condoms (and then gets caught with her hand in the condom jar by Addie)  and heads to find Wade. Some awkward flirting later, she makes plans to meet at his house when he is done at work.

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They meet up and have a stare at each other moment, simultaneously Lemon and Lavon have a “what the heck is going on with us” fight and she runs out. Now, since I’m not very sure on the geography of Lavon’s place I thought for sure Wade and Zoe would spot them and that would be what prevented them from kissing. Alas, no. Both couples go in for a kiss, but then the heat wave breaks and the rain comes down stopping the moment for all 4 of them. Booooo. I wanted Wade and Zoe making out! Ah well… it’s only a matter of time. Besides, Zoe was only going to make out with Wade in the rain if he was hanging upside down from the roof with a Spidey mask on. I may be confusing my characters again.

Well, that episode was…. it was hot. Despite the general lack of making out, the lustful looks across the board were good. Plus Wade and Lavon shirtless. Wow. (I wow both their abs and my complete shallowness) What do you think is in store of Zoe? What did you think of this week’s ep?

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