Even though last week Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) saved the day, things still aren’t looking great for her stay in Bluebell. In this episode she has to deal with the gossip, the Breelands sabotaging her and, of course, Founders Day festivities.

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Hart of Dixie Recap – Parades and Pariahs

Despite seemingly warming up to Zoe at the end of the pilot, Brick Breeland (Jaime King) starts out this week talking to his future son-in-law, George, about finding a way to oust Zoe as partner of the medical practice. George suggests that he just let Zoe stay and figure out Bluebell for herself, but Lemon is not having that. So George looks – and yes, there is a loophole. If she doesn’t bring in at least 30% of the business for the quarter then she has to sell her half back to Brick. And thus provides a goal for the season… or at least til the mid-season hiatus.

When George gives Zoe a warning – you know, because he thinks she is pretty – she gets understandably nervous. Things are not going well for Zoe. She only had one patient (all the rest of them were Brick’s) and she told the poor lady to go get a psych consult. Zoe lacks that bedside manner! Then she gets an emergency when Brick is gone – a guy is suddenly paralyzed. She assumes it is some big fancy disease and goes to call the ambulance. Then Brick walks in – the patient was hunting and has a tick, which apparently can sometimes temporarily paralyze you. They don’t get that a lot (at all) in NYC, so Zoe didn’t even think of it. And you can bet the entire town of Bluebell heard about it in about 5 seconds flat. Everyone at the local bar, the Rammer Jammer (which I swear is Merlotte’s from True Blood), makes fun of her, including neighbor and one time make-out partner, Wade. Things are continuously going down hill, for Zoe.

wade hart of dixieIn order to help her out, Lavon tells Zoe the way to get in with Bluebell is to show them all that he likes her, because they all loooove the mayor. His solution: have her ride on his float in the Founder’s Day Parade. (Seriously, is there a town on the CW that doesn’t have Founder’s Day festivities? I hope these go on endlessly like the ones in Mystic Falls) But in order to do that she needs to help build the float with Wade. This leads to more insults/flirting/kissing between the two pretty pretty people. George overhears discussion of the kissing, and gets his jealous face. Lemon sees that Zoe is riding on Lavon’s float and gets the jealous face. Ummmm…. You people need to work out your issues.

Meanwhile, Lemon’s cousin, Betty, is in town for the parade and fell and hurt her wrist. Later, Zoe finds Betty on the floor of the bathroom of the Rammer Jammer (gross) and discovered that she has MS, something she is keeping from her family because she doesn’t want to disappoint. When Zoe tells her she can’t dance in the parade, Betty tells Lemon, who goes into a tirade about Zoe taking everything that is important to her (meaning Levon… but whatever), so Betty decides to dance and make Zoe look like a fool, again, in front of everyone. Zoe understands, and is just worried about her, so she gives her some strong meds to help while she is still in town. Of course, the girl can’t take just one and ends up nearly passing out in the parade. When Zoe sees, she crashes the mayors float to cause a distraction so Betty doesn’t have to admit her problems to her family, and goes and sneaks her into the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, this just moves Zoe back up the Pariah list and Lemon berates her in front of the whole town.jamie king hart of dixie

Mrs. H decides her treatment of Betty means Zoe is ready to be on her own (really?) and is leaving to go be on a show with Tim Allen. Oh wait, to go work in a bakery. Does this mean we don’t get Rose anymore either? That would be unfortunate, because I like that little girl! Plus she had a cute storyline about a boy she likes, and said storyline showed Wade isn’t all bad. Can’t Zoe adopt Rose? Anyway, Zoe, feeling the love from Mrs. H, goes and finds the woman who she told to get a psych consult and helps her out herself. It’s sweet.

Once again, I find this show adorable. I’m glad it wasn’t all magically wrapped up at the end, and we have drama stringing through – the town still hates Zoe, the Lemon/George/Zoe/Lavon/Wade love polygon is still getting messier, she still has no patients. My biggest issue: Lemon is HORRIBLE. And not in a fun, Blair Waldorf season 1 of Gossip Girl sort of way. In a completely unsympathetic, way. And no, the whole “my momma left us when I was little” bit they showed at the end didn’t make me feel bad for her. Sorry. I could deal with her being horrible, except her outward horribleness makes me question the character of George Tucker. How can he be with her? She not just kind of bratty sometimes and he sees past it. She is cruel. Why should I like someone that loves her? At least Lavon calls Lemon on her crap. I’m hoping we find a way to get past that.

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Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae