Once again, this week on Hart of Dixie, Zoe makes a big mistake at the practice. This time almost ruining the marriage of the town preacher and his wife. Oh Zoe…. it’s a good thing you are so adorable!

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"Faith & Infidelity"-- Pictured (L-R) Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart and Cress Williams as Lavon Hayes in HART OF DIXIE on THE CW. Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/The CW©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Hart of Dixie Recap: Faith and Infidelity

Candy Covered Bridge
Lemon is, of course, part of a historical society and her current project is to make a presentation to the mayor to get him to allocate some funds to fix some old covered bridge. She went on and on to George about it. But George, like the rest of us, tunes out about ½ of what Lemon says, so while hanging out with Lavon on the basketball court he convinces the mayor to use the funds to widen a road. With some help from Zoe, who points out the ambulances can get into town easier if they do it.

Two things: A- Isn’t it awkward for Lavon to be playing basketball with Lemon’s fiance? And B- If Lavon is a former pro-football player (and Vince Howard’s dad) and George is Jason Street, why aren’t they playing football??? In related news, I’m still having trouble letting go of Friday Night Lights.

When Lemon finds out that George went behind her back, she is more than a little upset and lets him know over the Tapas. Her head nearly explodes into Lemonade when she finds out that Zoe helped George convince Lavon. But it isn’t really Zoe she is jealous of at this point – it is NYC. She knows George misses it. And who blames him, really? I miss it terribly. But this isn’t about me. It’s about Lemon.

She’s not only upset about George, she’s going to lose her spot on whatever society wants to fix the covered bridge. When Lavon finds that out, he goes to the head of the society and makes nice. He “found” the funds for the bridge by doing an embarrassing commercial for an itch cream (cue a Wade spit take). Now, really, Lemon. We who have enjoyed our WB/CW shows that take place in small towns with gazebos know that if you want to save a covered bridge you do something like have a knit-a-thon. Come on, girl. Think outside the candy covered diorama box! Anyway, it works out for her and then George says they should buy a house together. Awwww. Blech.

Big Hair and Gossip Girls
Brick’s out of town, so Zoe is very excited to have the practice to herself. But Brick, being Brick, made sure a nurse was there to help/babysit. (Continuity Alert! Continuity Alert! It’s the same nurse, Addie, who was working in the practice last week during the heat wave. I hate when shows air out of order in a completely obvious way.) Addie only has one real case for Zoe – the preacher’s test results are back. He has syphilis. Embarrassing. Not helping is that the only previous encounters Zoe has had with the man and his wife were: 1- her bursting in during Sunday services wondering where the entire town got to. And 2- when they came to deliver a bunt cake and she assumed they were trying to convert her.

So, she tells the preacher, and he says there must be some mistake, run the tests again. So she runs them again. On both the preacher and his wife. Both positive. Well, when Zoe tells the wife, leading her to believe the only possible explanation is the preacher cheated on her, the two split up sending the town into a frenzy. I half expected Taylor Doosey to come out with pink and blue ribbons. (I really need to let Gilmore Girls go too…..) Lavon is very very upset because he knows they are good people and is disappointed Zoe will only see the worst in people.

Zoe then heads to the beauty salon, where everyone has humongous hairstyles, on the advice of Nurse Addie. The salon is where the ladies of town gossip/bond. Although I had to wonder, most people seem to have relatively decent hair in Bluebell and yet the whole town also seems to go to this salon. Hmmmm. Suspicious. One of the girls in the shop says the preacher and his wife splitting up is all her fault. Zoe eventually tracks her down, assuming she had an affair with the preacher. When she gets her into Zoe’s office, she finds out the girl did have syphilis… but she got it from her sailor boyfriend and gave it to the preacher’s wife via a naval ring piercing, which is the reason she thinks the happy couple split. Preacher and wife back together. Town happy. Lesson learned for Zoe. I’m sure she’ll screw up again next week.

I Love Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel)
Wade provided the other patient for Zoe this week by backing him over with his boat trailer – Crazy Earl. What Wade didn’t tell Zoe is that Crazy Earl is his dad. She found that out when Earl went to jump off a building. Everyone in town went to watch, acting like it was no big deal. But soon enough Wade was up there to help. What did Earl want? For Wade to sing Moon River, only like one of my all-time favorite songs. So he did. And the town joined in. And then Wade called him dad and Zoe fell in love with him a little (I assume… I mean COME ON). Wade told Zoe that Earl gets his government check once a month and blows it on booze and then every month Wade sings him down off the roof.

Also, Zoe called Wade cowboy at one point and he did finger guns. I think I’m just going to go write in my diary about Wade now….

Soooo…. it was cute, but I want Zoe to stop screwing up/making assumptions. It’s already old and we are only 5 episodes in. I would also love her to make out with Wade. (I know, I know… save it for my diary)

And hey! We learned that Zoe is half-Jewish this week. I assume this has to be a nod to Seth Cohen (The O.C.)…. Even if it’s not, it is for me. And if there is not a “Zoe saves Chrismukkah” episode I’m going to be VERY disappointed. You hear me, Josh Schwartz?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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