Lesson learned on Hart of Dixie this week: If you want to make a guy insanely jealous, it’s best to act perky and happy. Like you’ve been getting some action. Also: buy him a jar of pickles as part of your new found glow. Unfortunately for all of us Team Wade fans, Zoe didn’t realize this was the effect she was having on Wade.

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The Girl in the Closet
When everyone sees the normally not so perky Dr. Hart wandering around town with a glow, they all assume that she must have a secret lovah (I just made myself giggle). Wade is fuming with jealousy, though when he asks Zoe’s BFF, Lavon, about it, he pretends it is just curiousity. Lavon Hayes doesn’t buy that, obviously. But he says the only way to know for sure is to head to Zoe’s and go ask. So they do. And when they get there Zoe is sure acting like there is a man hiding somewhere in her place. She pulls the whole “just a second” yell, followed by the barely squeezing out the door and then shutting it behind her maneuver. At this point Wade starts to melt down and Lavon thinks there must be a guy somewhere in there. But there isn’t….

It’s Annabeth, one of Lemon’s girls from the Junior Historical League (or whatever it’s called). The one that Zoe helped with the fertility issues. They are now secret friends and are having a girls night. It’s cute seeing Zoe have a friend that is a girl that isn’t a teenager. (Hey…. Rose disappeared again! Sigh…. this show!) Zoe even has a nickname for her – AB. Cuuute. But because Lemon is busy with another drama, Annabeth thinks it is best they keep their new adorable friendship a secret.

Memory Matron Madness
Delia is stepping down as Memory Matron, which means Lemon is has reached new levels of crazy in order to try to get that coveted position. She even makes poor poor George invite Delia and her husband Lawrence, another lawyer who George hates, over for dinner. And ultra-competitive Lawrence brings pictionary along to the party…. as well as his own easel! George, furious over Lawrence’s previous gloating about beating George in court, went a little overboard with the competitiveness. At one point he yelled “in your face” to Delia. Lemon was mortified.

However the next morning she had to move on. It was time to set up the celebratory luncheon for Delia. When she went to go steal a bottle of her dad’s good Scotch from the practice she overheard quite the conversation. Zoe was treating a man, for the second time, who had a case of Cat Scratch Fever. He got it from his cat who scratched him while he was having some special time with his lady friend. But he was back to get more of the anti-biotic for that lady friend who couldn’t come in herself because – scandal alert – she is married! Now, since Zoe had just realized, thanks to spilling the beans about Annabeth to Lavon, that she was in fact a mistress, she felt bad for this guy. She told him that he needs to make the woman choose. You can bet Lemon stores that little convo in her memory bank of evil doings.

Friends Helping Friends
Lavon is still dealing with an incredibly jealous Wade. This jealousy is only exacerbated when Dr. Judson, the vet that slept with Zoe’s NY friend, Gigi, sends Zoe flowers. Wade is sure that is who she is secretly seeing, so his reaction is to literally get into bed with the first pretty blonde that shows up at the Rammer Jammer. But he just keeps getting distracted by how much he likes Zoe and how annoying he finds that. Lavon eventually tells the distraught Wade that Zoe is single – the secret boyfriend is actually just Annabeth – so he needs to clean himself, quit being an ass and make his move. To which I say YES! DO IT! As Annabeth said, if Zoe doesn’t hit that, she is crazy pants.

Meanwhile, Zoe is working on getting Annabeth to tell Lemon about their friendship. But first she must teach Annabeth the art of standing up for herself. They practice with a basket of apples. Annabeth takes an apple and then Zoe, doing her best Lemon impersonation, tries to take it from her. Eventually Annabeth gets it right and tells Zoe/Lemon to back off. So she heads to Delia’s luncheon with a sense of pride, ready to be strong in the face of Lemon’s wrath. And she does, while an excited Zoe watches on. Thing is, Delia also notices, and decides that maybe Lemon isn’t Memory Matron material – Annabeth is.

Apple Keychains and Broken Hearts
Zoe is very excited to finally have a public girl friend, but when Annabeth is offered the Memory Matron job, she decides that she can’t be public friends with Zoe because it isn’t a good time. Poor poor Zoe’s heart breaks, but she give Annabeth the present she got her anyway – a jewel apple keychain that’s engraved from Zoe. So sweet. And so sad. Zoe’s patient is also sad – his lady friend chose to stay with her husband. Not surprising, as we find out via an exposed cat scratch during the luncheon that said lady friend is none other than Delia! And of course when Lemon notices it she has one natural reaction….

Use it! As soon as Annabeth is named Memory Matron, Lemon plans on confronting Delia and using the information she has to blackmail her way into the position. But thankfully, George is there and when he hears her plan he gives her a stern warning – if she does this he won’t be with her anymore because it is crossing the line too far even for her. Good on ya, George. But poor George, he is just tired of this nonsense, and when he sees Lawrence at the bar, they commiserate over their crazy ass women. And Lawrence’s story about how Delia (who we know has been cheating) has been even crazier recently gives George a bit of a worried face given Lemon’s recent behavior.

Of course, Lemon’s behavior doesn’t get much better when George isn’t around. At the Rammer Jammer, Zoe first takes notice of a cleaned up Wade (swoon) but as soon as the ladies come in to announce Annabeth as the new Memory Matron, she heads into a dark corner. When Annabeth gets up to make a speech, she asks her friend to get her speech out of her purse, and the keychain for Zoe falls out. Lemon sees it and realizes that when Zoe was talking about being a mistress, she meant being Annabeth’s mistress. So she tries to out them. But Zoe, being the good friend she is despite Annabeth breaking up with her, says that they are her keys that she meant to give to Judson. Her boyfriend. And then the good doctor and vet proceed to make out. Judson’s confused, obviously, since on several occassions during the ep Zoe said it just wasn’t happening. But you know – there is a pretty girl making out with him, so….

Poor poor poor Wade. He immediately cries in a corner. Actually, he calls the slutty blonde girl, but isn’t that the Wade version of crying in a corner. Stupid Lemon. Yes… I irrationally blame Lemon for all of this.

I really enjoyed the episode! I thought it was fun. Wade was extra adorable. Zoe broke my heart. Good times! And I’m interested if George starts to question if Lemon has been having an affair!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae