It seems like ages ago we saw those adorably quirky citizens of Bluebell on the Christmas episode of Hart of Dixie. George and Zoe agreed that their… friendship… was best to be put on hold as George decided to focus on his impending marriage to Lemon. Lavon told Lemon that things needed to stop with them so he could get over her. And Wade finally made a move asking Zoe out for drinks (swoon). And that’s just all the messy love stuff. So what now? Let’s check in, y’all and find out!

Hart of Dixie Recap “Hell’s Belles”

The things you do to be a Belle
When Zoe discovers a box with her name on it in her father Harley’s old office, she realizes, with a little bit of not so gentle ribbing from Lemon and Brick, that she should be finding out about her family. She’s been in Bluebell for 4 months and hasn’t asked a thing. So she goes to visit her Aunt and Zoe starts to realize by talking to her that she is lost here in Bluebell. So her Aunt drops a bomb on her: by a long Wilkes family legacy, Zoe is a Belle. Yep. A hoop skirt wearing Belle. Let’s go to Lemon for a reaction….

Horror. Sheer, unabashed horror. Lemon is super duper mature and tries to take the ring of Zoe’s finger. The Belle’s aren’t exactly happy about it either. So they go along with Lemon’s plan to have Zoe pass an initiation. It’s something that hasn’t been done in 30 years, but for Zoe… well, it’s happening. The first thing is wearing a HUGE crazy Belle dress and heading over to the Rammer Jammer to get some iced teas. Who is loving it more than words can express: Wade. He can’t stop giggling adorable. Especially because he knows when he says “honey” Zoe has to get up on a chair and yell out some crazy Belle rhyme. But as adorable as that is, I’ve got to give the win to George on his reaction:

George: Really?!
Zoe: Yup.

Simple. Lovely. George. Zoe’s Annabeth’s slave for the day and goes to pick up Annabeth’s feminine products, which just gets her upset because it’s just a reminder she isn’t pregnant. Why isn’t Annabeth pregnant? Well, Lemon Breeland cursed her. Duh. Isn’t that the cause of all fertility problems – being cursed by a friend? Three years ago the Belles went to the gypsy’s grave and made a pact that wouldn’t have babies until they were all married and could get pregnant together. Wowza. Zoe looked at Annabeth’s fertility specialist’s notes, and said she was fine and to keep trying.

Then Annabeth let Zoe off the hook as her slave for the day… and gave her to the rest of the girls. Cue a ridiculous montage where Zoe is making lemonade out of about 200 lemons (and probably picturing Lemon’s head on every single one), washing clothes with a washboard, giving a girl a massage. All while wearing that completely ridiculous dress. And when that is done… another girl comes in asking Zoe to break the pregnancy curse! Oh silly, silly Belles. Zoe is looking for a common reason – loving pink and God is offered up. I don’t think that’s right though.

Zoe’s idea: they are scared babiless by Lemon.The fear of how Lemon will treat them if they get pregnant is enough to make them infertile. Lemon handled that as lovely as you would imagine. And now Zoe has to deal with being Lemon’s slave. But she’s willing to do it, for the girls. First up: being attack by paintball guns wielded by the Belles. But Zoe sticks strong. Even when tasked with milking the cow.

Feeling a bit softer after a talk with her dad, which we’ll get to soon, Lemon finally stops with the crazy and just asks Zoe why she is willing to do all this. Zoe says she just wants to be connected to her past – something Lemon doesn’t want to hear because of her Mommy Issues. She doesn’t want to be her mother. At the pink tea party, Lemon announces that Zoe is a Belle. But Zoe shows up not wearing pink and tells Lemon that she isn’t going to be a Belle. Being a Belle, being part of her family legacy, isn’t going to make Zoe any less lost. And, in one of my favorite moments ever on the show, Zoe tells Lemon she won’t be her mother. It made them all misty. They don’t hug it out…. but I feel it’s coming.

Then Lemon takes the Belles – and Zoe! – the the gypsy’s grave, where she breaks the curse, letting all the Belles get knocked up whenever they like. Also, Brick told Zoe he will tell her all about the Wilkes because he was proud of how she stuck it out with Lemon… just like a Wilkes.

The War of the Breelands
The church is having a big garage sale and Lemon has decided to donate all of her mother’s stuff without asking Brick. In the midst of all the madness with Zoe, I was glad this was here so we could be reminded that Lemon isn’t evil, just a spoiled, sad little girl who had her heart smashed into pieces by her mother. Brick isn’t happy at first – when he notices Annabeth wearing a pin that belonged to his ex-wife, he buys back all the items from the church sale. so Lemon goes to donate it all again. If they keep going like this, they are going to be able to build a new church! He tells her that it’s fine. He realizes Lemon needs to do what she needs to do.

Lavon’s Dating Problems
Wade  has a mission: to get Lavon back to dating instead of sitting at home moping and eating cookie dough ice cream like normal. Ummm, Wade… there is nothing wrong with eating cookie dough ice cream! Anyway, Lavon agrees to go, until he realizes the girls Wade has lined up are some scary tattooed chics he met at the race track. Of course when Didi sees Lavon on the street and nearly goes into a full sprint – she’s naturally still traumatized by that horrific first date they had where he said he wanted to marry her – he starts to realize he may be harder up than he thought.

Didi complains about it to George… and apparently to every female in town, because now Lavon can’t get a date. Every girl thinks Lavon is in love with Didi! Wade promises to help Lavon show the ladies of Bluebell that Lavon doesn’t give a damn about Didi. Because, in Wade’s words, making girls feel like he does’t give a damn is right in his wheelhouse. And yet, I still find him sexy…. No explanation.

So Lavon takes out the race car girls. And Didi just thinks it’s about trying to make her jealous. Lavon is getting mad and eventually goes to Didi to talk about it. He tells her that he said all that stuff on their date because he was just trying to get over someone. So now Didi wants to date him – as long as there are no marriage proposals. Cute.

George Tucker, Crazy Earl and some Jars of Cash
At the end of last season, George’s dad told him that Large Mart (creative name…) is trying to build in the next town, and if they do and get a road into Bluebell, it’s basically going to run all of Bluebell out of business. So George gets every person who has land where they would build a road to agree to not sell…. except for one teeny tiny strip that Didi points out isn’t owned by any of the people he called. So she heads down to city hall and finds out who owns it.

And the discovery of the owner makes George none too happy. It’s Crazy Earl. As in Wade’s dad. So George go to Wade to get his help in having Earl save Bluebell from George’s dad. Wade says to just stay away from Crazy Earl, because no good can come of it and he’d just ask for money. But George doesn’t listen to him. And Wade doesn’t listen to himself either, because he was just calling George off. Wade knew Earl would want the money from Large Mart and that would be good for him, but bad for Bluebell. Wade and George argue about it – these boys fight a lot. Hug and make up, kids.

Earl decides to go to George… because he wants to sell to Large Mart. He doesn’t like being a burden and this would take care of that. Cue George’s sad face. But then George goes to Wade and tells him he doesn’t think Earl really wants to sell, and is just trying to do right by Wade. He thinks Earl just wants to know Wade loves him. So Wade, master of doing the right thing when no one is watching, goes to Earl and tells him if he sells to Large Mart, he’d never talk to him again. Wade gives Earl some money, which we see Earl put in a jar, buried in the yard. Amongst a lot of other jars of money – for his boys.

My reactions: I enjoyed the episode. It was sweet. Small teeny tiny caveat to my liking that episode: If Brick and Lemon go back to being completely awful to Zoe and acting like they hate her (AGAIN, for Brick) then I’m going to be annoyed. This show has major issues with one step forward two steps back when it comes to Zoe vs the Breelands. Other than that – Wade, despite keeping his shirt on the entire time, was super sweet and you’ve got to love that. I’m excited for next week though because he’s obviously worried about Zoe having a relationship with someone else. And that’s bound to equal some cute angtsy Wade!

Welcome back, Hart of Dixie fans!! Can’t wait to see y’all next week!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae