Interested in Hart of Dixie music? You’ve found us, so now you’re good! We’ve got a tracklisting for each episode. And now it’s time to discuss Hart of Dixie season 1 episode 2, “Parades and Pariahs.”

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We update our Hart of Dixie Music Guide for episode, so just click the hart of dixie music tag to pull up the track listing you’d like to view. For Hart of Dixie recaps and a Hart of Dixie episode guide, we’ve also got you covered.  Same goes for hart of dixie fashion. You’re our guest, and it would never do to have our guest running all over and potentially running into Burt Reynolds the alligator!

Hart of Dixie Music Guide
Hart of Dixie Season 1 Episode 2 – Parades and Pariahs

Beta Radio – Widow At The Wake
Chris Lawson Jones – Bitter & Sweet
Billy Currington – Let Me Down Easy – listen on youtube
Adrianne – 10,000 Stones – listen on youtube

Standout Song(s): 10,000 Stones by Adrianne

Sample Lyrics:
For ten thousand stones
Hanging deep in my heart
No, I don’t know
How they don’t tear me apart
How could I ever believe
That ten thousand stones
Would build the best of me