The fun of Zoe and Wade sleeping together is over (for now) so what can we possibly have to look forward to in Bluebell this week? Well, if I think back to before the season 1 finale, I believe Hart of Dixie still had some cute stuff. And I bet tonight’s episode, “If It Makes You Happy” will too.

I mean look at that picture! (Sigh… I’m so shallow it’s silly sometimes.)

The episode begins with some gratuitous shirtless Wade (Wilson Bethel) painting in Zoe’s apartment. Even Zoe (Rachel Bilson) tells him to put his shirt on. He doesn’t. But as Lavon (Cress Williams) points out when she heads into the main house, she just wants him to put on a shirt because they aren’t having sex anymore. Zoe is shocked and appalled!

But before she can focus on that too much she remembers that a member of her Alumni Association from college is coming to follow her for the day tomorrow because the Alum Magazine printed that she is “retired.” That gave Lavon a good laugh, which is nice because he’s been having nightmares about Ruby (Golden Brooks) and I don’t blame him. I can’t believe she is running against him!

Neither can Lemon (Jaime King), but she can’t get Brick (Tim Matheson) to pay attention because he’s too busy being sad that his girlfriend, Emily lives so far away. (So sweet.) He’s quickly distracted by George (Scott Porter) at the door. George continues to try to apologize to Brick but it doesn’t work. And then George continues his reign of terror by telling Lemon he’s going on a date later.

Zoe, in an effort to improve lives and be presentable to the John Hopkins Alumni reporter, heads to the Rammer Jammer to start some sort of health initiative.  The 5K Fun Run she suggests shockingly doesn’t draw in the crowd. And then some unfamiliar, non-Bluebell looking guy comes in. Zoe proceeds to shame him, so obviously he is the Alumni reporter. Oops.

Back at the ofice, reporter guy is unimpressed with Zoe and her ability to deal with Tom’s nameless rash when they return to the practice. Poor Zoe.

Lemon, meanwhile, is busy going into full meltdown because George is hitting the dating scene first and interrupts Annabeth’s (Kaitlyn Black) eating a delicious cream puff to rant at her. Annabeth is eating her feelings after her divorce paperwork came through, so the two decide to go buy new dresses. After the cream puff, though, because, priorities.

Ruby meanwhile, is getting in Lavon’s head about why he wants to be Mayor and how she would be better. Down with Ruby.

Back at the doctor’s office, Zoe is finding some more things than a rash wrong with sweet Tom. I smell a quarantine.  (Don’t these things always lead to a quarantine?)

Lemon and Annabeth seemed to have walked into the dress shop from the start of Legally Blonde the Musical because there is Laura Bell Bundy as Shelby looking fabulous in a pink dress. Hey wait, now SHE is the one dating the hot lawyer guy after he dumps the blonde rich girl who has no real job prospects. Lemon takes seeing Shelby as a sign that she and AB need to get some slutty dresses.

Hey, I was possibly right – Tom has leprosy  Maybe. And guess what? He’s quarantined! Yay. Wait…. I mean… that’s awful. Whatever. Zoe’s excited too, she’s called the reporter to stick around!

Anyway, Tom was helping Crazy Earl aka Wade’s Dad so he may be infected too. When Zoe tells Wade, he says he thinks leprosy sounds made up to which Zoe maturely responds, “You sound made up!” I mock, because honestly that probably would have been my response too. I’m also very mature. Wade also says that he thinks Zoe is doing this for the reporter. But the sheer chance that it could be true is enough to convince Wade to help.

George and Shelby start their date and I wonder where the hell Shelby is from because she seems to have no idea about George and Lemon. I guess she’s not from here. Maybe I missed that. Anyway, things get real awkward when Brick comes over to say hi. And by “say hi,” I mean ruin George’s will to go on living.

hart of dixie fashion

Lemon and AB head out to find new men. But Lemon seems to not understand how this works because she is looking for a stable, well off, good looking man who is perfect. Of course, being Lemon, she finds one. But Ruby found him first and she’s with Cricket! Girl drama!

Wade and Zoe go to see Earl, and before they can get to leprosy they need to quickly refute Earl’s idea that Zoe is Wade’s girlfriend. Because this is what’s important here. Why does Earl think that she’s his girlfriend? Because apparently alllll Wade talks about when he comes to see his dad is Zoe. The only person happier to hear that than me is Zoe. But they don’t have time to dwell on Wade being in loooove with her – they have to go catch an armadillo that’s been harassing Earl for awhile. Apparently armadillos are leprosy carriers. Who knew?

Hunting armadillos is slow-going, so Zoe and Wade hash it out over their non-relationship. Wade finally lets Zoe have it – it doesn’t matter if he wants to sleep with her still or not because she’s too busy being worried about everything else like Alumni magazines and George Tucker.

Back at the bar, Lemon proves to be a bit of player considering she’s been out of the game awhile – she starts flirting the man right out of Ruby’s hands. I love this.

George’s night isn’t going so well as Brick lets Shelby know all about George’s previous love life. It leads to a heated exchange of words that gets them thrown out of the restaurant.

When the cute boy Lemon and Ruby are flirting with leaves to take a call, Ruby let’s Lemon know a secret – the only reason she was such an overachiever all those years was to beat Lemon. But Lemon says that isn’t going to happen this time. The more we know about Ruby, the less I like her.

Zoe takes the armadillo to the office. And of course, right after Zoe gets a call that it wasn’t leprosy. Sigh. Not that I wanted it to be leprosy, but I’ve grown used to not having the “Zoe makes stupid medical mistakes.” Of course, this is different. Wade feels so bad for her and tells her that. Not because it went bad for her in from of the reporter, but because Zoe is so worried about what should or could be. He just does what he wants, and he says she can do what she wants. The difference is accepting your choices –  he acknowledges the choices he makes make him happy and she won’t. God, I love him.

Things are going well for Lemon and soon she is making out with the hot guy. But, being Lemon, she can’t do it. She just isn’t ready. But at least she won, right? George and Brick aren’t doing as well as they have continued their fight outside. Lavon comes to try to break it up and have them work their issues out. Brick and George don’t want to work it out. But, of course, Lavon being the best person ever, guides them on their way to figuring it out. The real issue: George felt bad he hurt his surrogate-father and Brick felt like he loss a son. Awww. Sweet.

Zoe talked to Wanda, and it turns out Tom and Wanda were going to be having sex on their date, so Zoe goes to find Tom. His symptoms come from taking too much St. John’s Wort which he was taking to relieve anxiety. And that anxiety wasn’t just about sleeping with Wanda for the first time. It was about losing his virginity  Oh Tom, you sweet little thing, you. Zoe tells them to talk it out. So nice.

On her way home, Zoe runs into George and they talk about his disaster of a date. He says it was nice to put himself first, and Zoe agrees that it is something everyone needs to do sometimes. Is this leading where I think?

Lavon spots Ruby putting up her girlie girlie Mayor posters and tells her why he wants to be mayor. It’s because he likes to help people solve their problems and get them to where they need to be. She tries to minimize it by saying he’s good at it for a football player. But he refutes that. He’s not the guy she used to know, now he’s “Mayor Lavon Hayes.” So help me, if Lavon loses to this chic…..

Lemon goes to see AB on her houseboat (what?!) for the rest of their girls night out. I love Annabeth. She tells Lemon not to worry about George and worry about being that “whole new Lemon Breeland” that she talked about in the premiere. She gives Lemon the little shove she needed  to find a job. And she found the best job she could – being Lavon’s campaign manager. Not going to lie – I’d be okay if these two somehow worked it out.

But let’s get to the good stuff – Zoe goes to Wade’s… to play Halo because video games can help with happiness. Wade thinks that a “strip version” of the game works better. And she agrees to try it because, as Wade says, “Who doesn’t want to be happy?”  Seriously, my heart skipped a beat.

I just adored this episode. Wade’s lecture to Zoe was perfect. Lemon realizing she should be Lavon’s campaign manager is a great way to move her character along. And hopefully destroy Ruby. And I enjoyed that Brick and George could work out their issues. All around, a lot of fun.

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