This week on Hart of Dixie, once again, things go a little awry for Zoe. But for a change, things go a little awry for everyone so at least she’s not alone.

hart of dixie homecoming and coming home

Little Boy Blue
One thing to expect during Homecoming weekend in a small town is old town heroes coming back to relive the glory days. And one of the guys that made his way back to Bluebell this year is Jimmy, a guy who used to torture Wade and George back when they were freshman on the football team. So Mighty Mouse (George) and Donkey Kong (Wade) decide to get payback. Yes, they called each other by those nicknames. Yes I was beyond charmed by it.

They got together for a strategy meeting, but things weren’t going well. One idea involved a helicopter and a small monkey. Oh the possibilities! George decides to get Lemon to help since she was quite the prankster back in the day. Wade isn’t excited because, as you can imagine, he and Lemon don’t get along like they used to back in high school. But she comes up with a great plan – putting blue dye in the shower head and turning Jimmy Blue! Wade gets excited and puts Lemon over his shoulder and spins her around. Lemon (who is wearing pants!) is charmed.

Things go well, at first. The three amigos (go with it) spy on Jimmy and hear him take the shower, scream, and then they hear a big thud. So Wade goes and gets Zoe, which also involves him throwing her over his shoulder – swoon – and brings her to the practice to make sure Jimmy’’s not dead. He’s not. But Zoe doesn’t have time for this nonsense and leaves. Lemon is horrified that things went this poorly, that Zoe saw the outcome, that Wade and George got her to do these silly things. She tells George she can’t be that girl anymore. Then she goes to Lavon and gives him crap for telling her he loved her the other night. That he needs to just leave her alone. It’s sad because you can tell they still love each other. But Lavon leaves and Lemon and George make up.

Field of Green
Lavon is helping to coach the homecoming game, and he is taking this very seriously. He even breaks out his old Carolina Panthers uniform. It’s cute. Or manly. You know – whatever. But a problem arises when his QB gets sick with a flu-like thing. He takes the kid to Zoe who tells him to be on bed rest. But later Lavon calls Zoe to practice. Now the back-up quarterback is also sick. The drama! Zoe gets annoyed because she knows QB1 is still in the locker room even though she told him to go home. She tells them they are just spreading the germs to one another and now she has to give the entire team a physical. They are all very quick to jump in line for that. Shock!

The morning of the game, Lavon is still worried because he doesn’t have a quarterback. Then Zoe Hart has what I like to call her “House” moment – where she sees something and realizes what is actually wrong with the patient. Her friend has a stain from the painted grass outside Lavon’s. The QBs both lick their hands after touching the field so they have phosphorus poisoning from the grass paint. Zoe saves the day and Bluebell wins the game! Go Team Go!

Purple Party Problems
Now, since Lavon is busy coaching, he doesn’t have time for the pre-game party the night before that he always throws. He decides to leave that to Zoe as a way to get in better with the town. If only, Lavon. Zoe doesn’t know how to throw a party that big (it’s called going to Costco and buying platters. These people are easy to please…) so she calls her friend Gigi for advice. But Gigi heard the words “jello mold” and assumed Zoe was having a nervous breakdown and flew down to Alabama.

Gigi is not a Bluebell friendly person. She spends the entire time mocking the town and the people in it. And she doesn’t listen to Zoe who tells her that the fancy menus and decorations aren’t going to fly. But Gigi does it anyway. The party is Purple (not blue for Bluebell!) and has food that no one wants to eat. Lavon shows up and is mad about what happened to his house. The whole town is mad at Zoe for ruining their party. And Gigi, in an attempt to prove that Vet Jud, Zoe’s potential suitor, is gay, sleeps with him. All in all, things went poorly.

But, as this is a CW show, things turn around in the end. Zoe apologizes to Lavon and he forgives her. Especially because she sticks up for him and the town against Gigi. Zoe admits to Gigi that Bluebell is indeed growing on her and she is happier there. And the two friends make up. Gigi brought her a Zabar’s basket upon arrival, so I would have forgiven her a lot worse. I loooove Zabar’s. And then after the game Zoe sets up a mini-celebration for Lavon, her new Best Friend. Cuteness meter on overload!
Team Wade

Oh, and don’t worry my fellow Team Wade friends. I won’t forget that one moment… Wade calls across the pond to Zoe to see if she wants to go to the game, and she says no. He then asks if Jud was at the party and if they hooked up. Zoe said no, she doesn’t think it will work out with the vet. Then Wade smiles a huge smile because, as he figured out last week but we already knew, he likes her. Make your damn move, Wade. Goodness!

I’m getting a little frustrated with the “Zoe screws things up” story lines, but that aside, I thought the episode was sweet. Plus there was a Friday Night Lights reference! I’m really torn up on the Lemon thing. I want both George and Lavon to be happy. But one is definitely going to get hurt.

What do you guys think of the episode? Where do you fall on the Lavon/George/Lemon triangle? And just how cute is it that Zoe called Lavon her best friend??

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae