Inside this Hart of Dixie review: mimicking French cartoons, lobster bibs, and another reason to mention Gilmore Girls!

Hart of Dixie “Homecoming & Coming Home” Review

Judson earned major points in the begining of this Hart of Dixie episode because he was walking a tiny pig (piglet? teacup pig?) named Bo. But let’s just fast track to the end of the episode where we learned this attractive vet isn’t gay, but he did sleep with Zoe’s friend, Gigi (Megan Stevenson.) Let’s consider Jud “over.”

Another early moment of this episode showed Lemon on her way to meet her friends for breakfast. Lavon stopped her outside of the Rammer Jammer to confess his love once again. Or, rather, re-iterate the fact that he’s full of tons of love for her (despite the fact that she’s a truly unpleasant person.) What bugged me the most was the idea that Lemon and her prissy friends would eat at the Rammer Jammer for  breakfast. That does not seem like their kind of place. And they are absolutely the type of people to have a “kind of place.”

Zoe’s major storyline involved deciding to host a party in Lavon’s place. There was never any doubt that she’d mess it up, I just wasn’t sure how. There were so many avenues she could have explored – like, sending e-vites that said it was a BYOB when all of Bluebell Alabama knew that meant “bring your own bibs” but Zoe hadn’t ordered any lobsters. Instead, she served the wrong kind of food and had too fancy of a party. Everyone was intimidated. And when no one willingly left, she ordered them all out (on Lavon’s orders.) Yea, ’cause that’s not gonna make anyone even more angry.

George and Wade explored an old partnership when their enemy came back into town. They got Lemon to help, and she wore a black beret because that’s what criminals wear. In France. In cartoons in France.

What resulted from seeing Wade and Lemon interact more is that I’m not interested in George/Lemon or Lavon/Lemon. How about Wade and Lemon? HUH? Oh, admit it, it’d be fun. I loved when she put mustard in his hand. Ha.

I suspect we were not supposed to love Zoe’s friend, Gigi. So I apologize that I totally did. She had the most quoteable lines of the episode! “You said ‘jell-o’ mold and I heard nervous breakdown.” She mentioned Ryan Gosling, but put her friendship over him. She referenced Friday Night Lights. (“It’s like Friday Night Lights but without all the depressing parts.”) I was totally on board to say everyone needs a friend like Gigi – a cheerleader type in their life. But then she slept with Zoe’s crush and that kind of research is a little much. Still, Hart of Dixie should incorporate Gigi into the show.

On the Hart of Dixie fashion front, Lemon finally wore a pair of pants, and I realized that Rachel Bilson‘s character is doing a very Jennifer Aniston type of thing where she doesn’t register colors that aren’t black, white, or nude. It’s kind of boring. At a certain point I just want to scream “okay, we get it, she’s from New York and she likes black!”

Best Hart of Dixie Quotes from this episode:

  • “They don’t even like my shorts.” – Zoe about the citizens of Bluebell
  • “It’s like a bordello threw up.” – Zoe about the party Gigi put together
  • “A good truffle foam.”
  • “However, your lack of chicken fingers is unforgivable.” Oh, middle America.
  • “You defended a fanny pack.”

Sidenote: The movie “Burlesque” sucked, why did they mention it twice? I was prepared to love that movie in a chick flick way, but I hated it.

Sidenote 2: Gilmore Girls (which used the set that Hart of Dixie now uses) had a character name Gigi, who also represented an outsider/rich/prissy perspective via her Mom who named her. (Gigi was a baby when we met her.)

Grade: C+ for Gigi

React: Did you love Gigi or did you love Gigi?

Hart of Dixie airs Mondays on The CW.