Lavon is dedicated to having Zoe feel right at home in Bluebell Alabama. Sooo, it’s time for a party! And what’s a party without some miscommunication? All this, plus Zoe has a friend named Gigi! That doesn’t interest you? But it’s such a crazy name! Didn’t you see that Angelina Jolie movie? (Update: Okay, the movie was “Gia” – no need to get cranky about it, anonymous commenter.) Okay, if you need more – then stay tuned to see George and Wade team up for once to get some revenge on a high school enemy. (And it looks like we’ll finally get some scenes with Lemon and Wade!)

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Hart of Dixie “Homecoming and Coming Home’ Summary

Noticing that Zoe is feeling homesick, Lavon suggests that she host his annual pre-game homecoming party to help her feel more connected to Bluebell. Zoe jumps at the opportunity and decides to enlist the help of her friend Gigi from New York, but as it turns out New York and Bluebell have very different ideas of what makes a good party. Meanwhile, George and Wade hatch a plan to get even with their high school nemesis, Jimmy, but when Lemon catches wind of their scheme she wants in on the action, too.

Directed by Jeremiah Chechik. Written by Rina Mimoun. Premieres Monday November 21 2011 on The CW. Hart of Dixie season 1 episode 8. Stars Rachel Bilson, Wilson Bethel, Jaime King, Cress Williams and Scott Porter. Guest stars Megan Stevenson as Gigi and Sean Carrigan as Jimmy.

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Hart of Dixie Fashion Season 1 – Lemon does pastels, Zoe wears black, gray, black and … white!

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