Inside this Hart of Dixie review: the ugliest headband ever, a glimpse of Cordelia Chase, and the importance of Egg Nog.

Hart of Dixie Review “Hairdos and Holidays”

What I liked about Hart of Dixie “Hairdos and Holidays”

  • I love Meredith Monroe, so it was great to see her in this episode… however (see below for more on this.)
  • George having Wade arrange for the Christmas tree was sweet, I like their friendship. But, predictably, Wade messed up the job.
  • Lemon gave a very Cordelia Chase (Buffy the Vampire SlayerCharisma Carpenter) speech when she talked to Zoe about the spinster tradition.
  • Wade corrected George, “No, she was a stripper.”


  • Zoe and Lemon both got on their phones all the time like they were waging a war via Rose and Magnolia.
  • Also loved Lemon’s flashback where we saw her complaining about racoons breaking not the nativity scene. There was too much Lemon love
  • Rachel Bilson was funny when she was having Zoe explain to Rose about the importance of a new hairstyle – “You just need something that screams ‘hair! Hair!'”
hart of dixie fashion

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What I disliked about Hart of Dixie “Hairdos and Holidays”.

  • Leave it to me to care a lot about set decoration, but I really hate the Breeland’s sunroom where Lemon and George are always talking.
  • This was a Christmas kind of episode, so I’d expect it’d be a pageant about Egg Nog, not the autumnal Cider. I suppose “Miss Nog” just sounds bad.
  • That headband that Lemon wore with the bows was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. I could hardly even tell what they were. It was so awkward-looking, like a bad Etsy design.
  • Why does everyone have to say someone’s first and last name? I’m so tired of hearing people say “Zoe Hart” as though there’s so many Zoe’s in Bluebell that they might mix them up. Geez.
  • Why is Meredith Monroe brunette again? And why did they cast her as Jaime King‘s mom? Aren’t they basically the same age!? Lord.
  • Neither Rose nor Magnolia won. Based on what we know about Magnolia, I find it hard to believe that Magnolia was totally fine (as we saw she was) about not winning. I understand it was super important to Lemon, but Magnolia still wanted to win. And if my Mother and Older sister had both won something like that, I’d really feel the pressure if I didn’t win, too.