Hart of Dixie is still a pretty new show and the jury is out on it, but one thing is for sure: it’s stylish! We love Hart of Dixie fashion and we also love the jewelry shown on the series. One of the designers highlighted on the series is Peggy Li. And you really should check out the huge range of jewelry available.

In fact, Peggy Li jewelry has been seen on TV shows like Private Practice and Ringer. Sarah Michelle Gellar actually wore a Peggy Li necklace in one of my favorite season 4 outfits Buffy wore. (Honestly, her season 4 hair was the best of the series.)

hart of dixie fashion

Oxidized Fringe Zipper Earrings were worn by Didi “In Havoc and In Heat.” Find them here.

hart of dixie fashion

Geometric Shape Earrings are also worn by Didi in Hart of Dixie. There are three shapes available. These are a great alternative to simple hoops. Find them here.

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