This week’s Hart of Dixie took place just a day after the last episode where the proverbial poop hit the fan. Zoe isn’t talking to Wade.

scott porter

George isn’t talking to anyone. Lemon is starting to spiral with her craziness. It’s madness over in Bluebell. This episode, “Destiny & Denial” deals with the fallout and two of our favorite boys suffering from two very different kinds of hangovers.

Wade (Wilson Bethel) woke up in his apartment to find a very large women’s shirt hanging on the chair and someone in the shower. Needless to say, the boy panicked because he drank so much he had no recollection of what happened the night before. Keeping it classy as always, Wade Kinsella. He asked Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Lavon (Cress Williams) to help, because in his hangover haze he apparently forgot he called Zoe selfish and a lot of other not so nice things. She reminded him quickly and then gave him a little shove as she left. She had just given Lavon a few hits in preparation for his inevitable confrontation with George (Scott Porter). I had hoped she would have used some of that signature Summer Roberts blackout rage, but it didn’t seem to faze either of them very much.

Wade went on Hangover-esque trip through town trying to piece together what happened. Basically, he was super depressed and headed over to his ex-wife, Tancy’s (Mircea Monroe), house to try to get laid. But since his speech to her last time that she was going nowhere in life she has grown up a bit and is in cosmetology school and trying to be a better person, and that inspires Wade to get back on that track too and work on collecting the money to open that bar. As much as I love Mircea Monroe, I hope he doesn’t get back with Tancy. She seems sweet, but we all know he just needs to make up with Zoe.

In the “ridiculous event in Bluebell” category this week, things went full-on Gilmore Girls in an event I’m shocked that the fine citizens of Stars Hollow never participated in – A Gilbert & Sullivan review. It was a charity event, as all good events in these small towns are. Dash (Reginald VelJohnson) is putting on the show and one of the performances is supposed to be Lemon and George. And while George acts like he is going to do it at first, he doesn’t. Why? Well, I’ll get to that treasure of a Scott Porter performance in a minute. Meanwhile, I want to talk about Lemon (Jamie King) and Magnolia (Claudia Lee). I’m so happy the writers are letting Lemon go through this with her sister. The two plays scenes together so well and it on occasion reminds us that Lemon isn’t always completely awful.

Eventually, when George doesn’t show up for the performance and Lemon goes missing too (the quirky new couple, Wanda and Tom, fill in and are so cute), Magnolia finally realizes the right thing to do and tells Brick (Tim Matheson – who did a great job singing “Modern Major General”) that the wedding was called off. This family rarely gets their full family time, especially full family time that is full of honest discussion, so I enjoy how this all played out. And that Lemon stopped being cuckoo for cocoa puffs for a few minutes.

But onto George. George starts the day by…. no, not crying in a corner. Not punching things and yelling at people. But by practically dancing in the street and smiling and thanking Lemon and Zoe for their offerings of cake and soup! Why? Well, Zoe (who he has already forgiven) finds out it is not because he is in denial, like she thought, but because he is relieved. Finally he understands why Lemon has been acting like a crazy pants for months, and now he can move on and be free.

Free to do what? Well, get a motorcycle, ride it to New Orleans and invite Zoe to come and have a magical evening there with him, of course. She thinks about it for like 5 seconds and then decides to go, because what if George is her destiny and this is her chance? When she arrives in New Orleans she finds George singing karaoke in the bar. And doing it very well. I was not surprised because I knew Scott Porter could sing thanks to this. (Please, click on the link. You won’t be sorry.)

Ok, I’m going to take a moment and say this – Scott Porter was perfection in this episode. He was suddenly more charming and fun and sweet than George Tucker has ever been. And his chemistry with Rachel Bilson was so amazing that for a split second I thought, “Hey, they would be cute together.” But my heart still lies with Wade and Zoe. Multiple reasons why. Some involve my bad boy issues that I won’t be getting into in a public forum. Mostly though, they stem from George’s face when the band started singing “What a Wonderful World” – his and Lemon’s wedding song. The version they played was perfect for the scene because it was a jazzy and sounded scattered and broken, and at times, even a little off-key, not unlike his relationship with Lemon.

So, after a kiss and a brief thought of getting a hotel room together, the magical night was over for Zoe and George. George went home to punch Lavon and yell at Lemon. Zoe went home to focus on her new full-fledged obsession with George and winning him over since she now believes he is clearly her destiny. I virtually smack her through the screen. I want Lavon to repeat his wise words from earlier in the episode:

“George did not choose you. He found out a secret about Lemon. Big difference.”

Despite their magical night, that still rings true because in the end, didn’t he still choose his relationship with Lemon? Not that I think he should have rebounded that hard by jumping in the sack with Zoe. But he has never ever chosen her, he has just fallen in with her when times are tough. You deserve better, Zoe Hart.

Now I eagerly await next week’s episode where we get plenty of Zoe and Wade time. Also, let’s all form a prayer circle and hope we get a Hart of Dixie season 2.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae