Is Hart of Dixie losing two of the most beloved characters after the second episode?!

Mrs. H (Nancy Travis) was the perfect warm, loving guide for Dr. Zoe Hart, and one of the only people who truly supported her stay in BlueBell. Which is why it’s disappointing that Nancy Travis had to leave Hart of Dixie in episode 2, as she’s signed on for the Tim Allen TV show Last Man Standing (a show we – and I think you’ll understand this – won’t be covering.)

It’s always unfortunate when there are uncertainties that lead to casting confusion. Such was the case with Damon Wayans Jr. being in the New Girl pilot, but not the rest of the series (because he’s on Happy Endings, which was thankfully renewed!)

What’s sad is that for Mrs. H to leave Zoe doesn’t even work with the plot. Mrs. H excuse was that she and her daughter had bought a bakery in Shreveport (True Blood) and now that Zoe was in town to take care of the practice, and had proved herself to be a decent doctor (with like, 3 cases?) it was okay for Mrs. H to leave. If anything, Mrs. H leaving only looks bad for Zoe, like once she arrived she chanced Mrs. H away!

And what about Rose Hattenbarger (McKaley Miller)? Rose is her daughter! And we can’t lose Rose – one of the only other friends Zoe has in town! Rose and Zoe have their Sex and the City bonding stuff going on, and Rose even got Wade to prove he isn’t always a jerk.

According to IMDB, Miller is only in 2 episodes while lead Rachel Bilson is in 4. This could indicate Rose will be written off, or it could indicate that Rose will just not be in every episode and will somehow have a convenient way of staying in BlueBell.

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