As I sit down to watch this episode I just have a big smile on my face. I’m excited for Wade and Zoe fun, and in this episode people sing including Magnolia and George! I can’t wait!

Let’s get to the good stuff and find out what those crazy Bluebellians (Bluebellites? Have we discovered what we call people from Bluebell yet?) are up to tonight!

When you start the hour with shirtless Wade (Wilson Bethel), the show is going to be good. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade are still going at it, despite Zoe’s insistence that it is going to stop. Yeah…. within 60 seconds she’s back in bed with him. Duh. But it gets weird when Zoe walk of shames her way back to her house (pantless and in stilettos, the best kind of walk of shame) to find sweet innocent Rose (McKaley Miller) standing at her door.

Rose is currently in a “I’m an Indie Teen Rocker” faze, but this is being hampered by the fact that she isn’t going to the Black Keys concert in Austin. So, naturally, she wants Zoe to medivac her for a fake transplant to Austin in order to go. Zoe, despite not always making sound decisions, says no.

In other teen drama, Magnolia (Claudia Lee) is super annoyed with big sis, Lemon (Jaime King), for taking a job at the Rammer Jammer. Why? Because it’s turning Magnolia  into a liar (she tells people no when they ask her if it’s true). Things get ever more frustrating for Magnolia when she realizes Brick (Tim Matheson) isn’t going to use money to sweep away all their troubles anymore, because of Lemon. Oh isn’t life just so tough, sweetie?

Lavon (Cress Williams) and Ruby (Golden Jeffries) continue to awkwardly interact, but since they each fulfill important roles  in their dual-status of Zoe Hart’s BFF (Lavon is a voice of male reason, Ruby watches Kate Hudson movies), they have to learn to deal. Lavon and Zoe have their time in this scene, which is great because no one points out to Zoe that she is full o’ crap better. He points out that even though she told George to go off and date, she’ll be mad if he sleeps with someone. And she is also never going to stop having sex with Wade.

Speaking of Wade, he is dealing with his own issues, mainly the fact that Lemon is the worst. waitress. ever. But Wade isn’t going to fire her because, well, Lemon is scary. And speaking of George, Zoe goes to check in on her not-quite love, who is still not happy that Zoe has sent him out on a “dating quest.” And he’s not giving up on her.

So, as Lavon, Wade and Zoe talk about Wade and Zoe’s non-ending sex life, I can’t help but notice two things. One is that Wade looks really hot in that tank top. (Shallow, party of one.) The other – Lavon has THREE WHOLE CAKES just sitting on the counter! Is there a party later? Why the yummy cakes? I ask because, a- who has that in their house? and b- I. WANT. CAKE.

Anyway, Zoe says she is cutting Wade off because she wants to be her best self. They make a bet – $100 on whether or not they have sex again in the next 48 hours. Best Bet!

Ruby continues to cause problems for Lavon by letting some chatty old folks (like her grandpa) know that Bluebell may be off the Top 100 Southern Towns. Ruh roh! Other tense moments arise at the Rammer Jammer as George walks in while Lemon marries the ketchup bottles (“maybe they’ll go through with it.” HA!) and then comes face to face with his good friend, Wade, he fought with the other day. By the end of the scene- things with Lemon are still tense, but being guys, George and Wade are cool. Well, George is. Wade still has to fire Lemon. Not fun.

Rose comes over to Lavon’s to share her new idea – throw her own concert in Bluebell. So smart, says Zoe!  All Rose needs: Zoe’s mom to get a real band to come! Nicely done, Rose. Speaking of manipulating people, Brick sets up Lemon coming into the practice and seeing how good she’d be at the receptionist job to try to get her to take it. It doesn’t work and Lem is none too happy so she invites Brick and his girlfriend, Emily, to The RJ to see that she is a great waitress.

Wade and George continue their path towards their re-bromance as Wade tries to get George to have a one-night stand. Oh Wade, keeping it classy, per usual. Not getting lucky – Zoe, who can’t get any of the bands. But Lavon has a great idea – an ex-bandmate chic of Wade’s, Lily Ann – can do it! But Zoe just needs to ask Wade, her resistance to talking to the shirtless cutie was enough to tip Rose off to where her pants actually went the other day. I love she’s so smart. Wade, of course, agrees to go ask Lily Ann, but only if Zoe goes with him. Alone. In a car. Who wants to win a bet?

Unfortunately for George, this means he has no wing mean. But never fear, Wade has this down to such a science, he spells it all out over the phone. And now that he has George taken care of, Wade can work on getting some love from George’s love. But Zoe is smarter than he is – Rose is coming along!

In a more civilized world, Lavon and Ruby have drinks as he tries to figure out if she is out for revenge. Here’s a way to find out, Lavon – check if she carries around any red sharpies!

Lemon goes to The RJ to wait on her dad, but Wally fires her. Until Lemon doesn’t let him. Of course, Geroge is there to pick up a lady. Neither knows the other one is there, so this should go well. George find a girl and calls Wade for some help leading Zoe (and Rose) to find out George is going to one-night stand it up tonight. Zoe is thrilled.

As George’s magic song comes on and he and the pretty lady start to dance, he notices Lemon. Lemon, meanwhile, nearly kills her dad’s girlfriend, Emily, by giving her seafood gumbo on accident. Oh, seafood allergies! George sees that, he goes and talks to her to cheer her up. Which leads to him busing her tables and losing his one-night stand. Silly George. You have too good a heart.

hart of dixie fashion

Things go a little better for Ruby, as Zoe makes a good impression on Lily. But Wade doesn’t fare as well. Not so shockingly, he broke her heart. Get in line.

Lavon is also a man with a good heart, and I think that starts to wear on Ruby because as he starts to talk about his tough times she books it out of there.

When Zoe is happy to find out that George struck out, Wade gets jealous (just don’t make him say that out loud) so he apologizes to Lily Ann to get her to play the show. Which means that Lily Ann wants to sleep with him again. Now Zoe has the jealous face, much to Wade’s delight.

The next morning, after a long night of setting up the town square for this concert (Does Bluebell just have a warehouse where they keep “town event” stuff? Is it the same warehouse that Stars Hollow used) Zoe comes in the main house to have breakfast with her MaleBFF. She is excited because she only has 12 hours left on her bet, and since Lily Ann is coming to spend the night at Wade’s, she wins! And fulfilling her half of their BFF-ness, Zoe tries to point out to Lavon he still has feelings for Ruby. He isn’t hearing it. If denial could be bottled as energy, Bluebell would be the most energy-efficient town in the world. Denial all over the place.

Yay! Magnolia is singing  the Claudia Lee song, “Take My Hand” – imagine that! And as she sings, Rose is excited that her event is doing so well. And Lily Ann thinks she is dying because he finger is numb. Zoe told her that it was probably nothing, but gave some options. Like nerve damage. So Lily Ann leaves town leaving the concert without a headliner. Wade, sexually frustrated after 40 hours without having sex, takes out his frustration on Zoe and says he isn’t interested anymore and gives her $100. Awww.

Now Zoe has a lot of problems. Her sex life being the least of them. She needs to fix Rose’s concert and get someone to sing with Wade’s band. She finds the one person in Bluebell she knows can sing… George. Now if you don’t mind, I’m just going to swoon and enjoy these two pretty boys singing…… Also enjoying it – every other girl in Bluebell, much to Zoe’s dismay. Lavon points out that she is being selfish in not wanting George or Wade to sleep with anyone. So she goes to eat marshmallows. Like an adult. Meanwhile, Ruby comes and tells Lavon she running against him for mayor. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’m not surprised.

As Zoe eats cotton candy and looks at her two men swarmed by girls, she gives Rose some harsh reality – we never grow up, we are always 15. Ain’t that the truth. Especially in this town.

So what did you think of the episode? I’m still not entirely sold on this Ruby person, mostly because Lavon is the best and I don’t want people to mess with him. As for the constant love-triangle…. I don’t know. I appreciate the dilemma, I think many woman would find themselves feeling the same way, even if they root for a “team” on the show. My opinion: Wade gets her better, whether she wants to admit that or not. She needs to realize it eventually.

Come back next week for more fun in Bluebell!

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