Warner Bros. has released the official Harry Potter Gift Guide. It features, bar none, the best Harry Potter gifts. From authentic wizarding artifacts and stylish Harry Potter apparel, to premium collectibles, you’re sure find the perfect gift for the wizard, witch or Muggle (heh) on your holiday gift list.

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About the Official Harry Potter Gift Guide

Bringing together a collection of products from a host of renowned licensees, including The Noble Collection, MinaLima, Insight Editions, Rubie’s Costume Co., Bioworld, Elope, Hallmark, and more, the Harry Potter Gift Guide offers shoppers the chance to find the perfect gift for their favourite witches and wizards in one place. Harry Potter-inspired products ranging from wizard wear and accessories, to collectibles and home décor, are all available at the click of a mouse, with each product image functioning as an intuitive hyperlink that directs users to the purchase point.

This year’s catalogue offers a host of new items, including the Harry Potter Remote Control Wand from The Noble Collection, which allows the user to magically control any IR device with the flick of the wrist. Also newly available is the United States Postal Service Harry Potter Limited-Edition Forever stamp collection – perfect for stocking stuffers and for all those looking to send their holiday cards the Muggle way. Leggings from boutique fashion label Black Milk, fresh Hot Topic-exclusive apparel from Bioworld, a limited-edition Hogwarts castle ornament from Hallmark and more can also be found within the guide.

The Harry Potter Gift Guide was designed by MinaLima, the creative team behind the graphic design aesthetics of the Harry Potter films, including the Marauder’s Map, the Daily Prophet, and The Quibbler. MinaLima, now also a licensee of Warner Bros. Consumer Products as The Printorium, is also featured in the catalogue with their fine art print of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. – Via Press Release

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Harry Potter Gifts – Hogwarts Giveaway!

Small Screen Scoop was visited by Hagrid and he left us a gift bag for giveaway, filled Harry Potter goodies ($60 value).

  • Hogwarts Alumni Men’s Tee $20.50
  • Harry Potter Wall Decals $14.49
  • Gryffindor Beanie $12.95
  • Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans $10.95

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