Christopher Gorham as Henry on "Harper's Island"

Christopher Gorham as Henry on "Harper's Island"

The two-hour finale of “Harper’s Island” airs tonight on CBS but this intrepid reporter has the scoop for you on which characters survive and which characters do not. If you’d like to know ahead of time, spoilers after the jump.

There are eight characters left (not counting Wakefield): Henry, Trish, Shea, Madison, Sully, Danny, Abby and Jimmy. Over the course of “Gasp” and “Sigh,” half of those buy the proverbial farm.

The Death Knell sounds for Henry, Trish, Sully and Danny. I guess there goes the theory that Sully is Wakefield’s kid.

The Survivors include Abby, Shea, Madison and Jimmy. I guess if Jimmy survives, that shoots my “Jimmy is Wakefield’s son and Abb’s half-brother” theory all to hell. Unless it’s one of those “he gets away and then it is revealed that he’s the killer” twists.

I’m very excited for the finale tonight!