Love. Pleasantly in love. With Happyland on MTV. That’s us. The new original series for the network compliments the tone of other shows like Faking it and Awkward. (Of course, will any show ever live up to the whip smart dialogue of Awkward?)

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The premise for Happyland is cute and sweet, and really something that a lot of teenagers dream could be their life. Even when you grow up, plenty of people in their 20’s want to work at amusement parks…especially if they get to dress up like a Disney Princess. (Un-fun fact: They don’t get paid very much. Or not as much as you’d think they would, at least. And no, I’m not telling you HOW I know this…)

This poll is so simple that you can do it while you’re half asleep and scrounging to eat some Everything Pretzel Thins (which are practically like an Everything Bagel, yea?) Just give the show a grade (if you’ve seen it.) No minuses. Just A, B, C and (ouch) D. Not to be biased here, but I would give it a B. Still, let us know what YOU think.

BEFORE the poll…

  • 1. If you haven’t had Pretzel Thins, they’re very good. Try ’em out.
  • 2. Seriously, with Awkward ending I need to know what creator/writer Lauren Iungerich is doing next. I mean BEYOND Damaged Goods with Anna Camp. Cause I ALREADY know that looks awesome.

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