David Caspe has created an underrated, amazing (amahzing) show and more of you need to watch. Plenty of smart, famous guest stars are flocking to Happy Endings, and this episode (“Yesandwitch”) had the majorly talented comedic gem, Megan Mullally.

Happy Endings Review


Elisha Cuthbert is doing a great job at expanding into comedy. I’d wager that Alex is probably the character that’s hardest to write for, because she’s the jerk who left Dave at the altar, and she doesn’t have as many quirks as the rest of the gang. But rather than do what How I Met Your Mother did, in trying to keep Robin (Cobie Smulders) from embracing some crazy in the first season, they’ve let Alex have some defining characteristics that keep her interesting. Her dimwittedness is actually slightly reminiscent of Joey Tribiani. But sometimes Alex will have a surprising moment of clarity (like when she knew the mean girls in her shop had to go, but Penny just wanted to fit in.)

Zachary Knighton is attractive. Let’s just throw that out there. But attractive without a funny bone can be found in plenty of online store catalog’s. Knighton plays Dave without making him be a total Fred (Scooby Doo.)

Now, Dave finding out he’s a little native American ( 1/16th Navajo) storyline wasn’t particularly unique (didn’t Saved by the Bell do that once?), and I don’t think they did anything really new with it. However, they made it fun, and it wasn’t the A storyline. I did like how Dave thought his status automatically made him both sexier and deeper. The highlights of his storyline include when he was super ready to address his jacket (I am not that into it when people want to deconstruct my look), and how he named the sandwich after “an actual sand witch – she who buries their victims into many dunes.” Which, btw, is so way creepy. I cannot escape the freaking Blair Witch!

Eliza Coupe as Jane was so incredibly adorable doing her over earnest improv routines. Damon Wayans Jr. matches her perfection as her husband, Brad.

My favorite characters are Penny and Max. That’s Casey Wilson (who can do everything, including sing – and I wouldn’t rule out taxidermy) and Adam Pally.

Max with his Limo Tour idea with the “attractive mixed race” couple that was Jane and Brad was pretty fun. And here’s a shout-out to Adam Pally with that awesome, totally unnecessary (but hilarious), swish over the back of the limo at the end of the episode. That move always seems like such a good idea, but it never looks as cool as it feels. (Trust me, I do it all the time. I just pretend I’m in slow motion.)

Megan Mullally as Penny’s Mom was a really fleshed out character and there were so many great mannerisms there. I’d love to know if there was improv going on or if that was all scripted. Her scene of singing out feelings was so youtube worthy. As is the duet at the boat show. Wilson and Mullally rocked those embellished pant suits (jumpsuits?)! If that doesn’t make you smile, then it’s time to just give up on life.

This episode was written by Leila Strachan. Photos by ABC/MICHAEL DESMOND.

Happy Endings airs on ABC, Wednesdays at 9:30 EST.

Stray Thoughts While Watching:

  • Skymall
  • Penny Hartz is really good at her job. Sidenote: Penny is really stylish. I loved her simple silver jewelry this week. Costume Designer Keri Smith is excellent. Big love to the entire team that dresses the cast and set: Lauren Silvestri, Michelle Sandvig, Tera Struck and Jennifer Wolf. Penny’s new apartment and Alex’s shop are decorated really well.
  • Everyone knows someone like Penny’s Mom who send out weird quotes and have super positive spins on everything. AmIRite?
  • Gilmore Girls shout-out’s! If you’re trying to make me love Happy Endings even more by mentioning one of my other favorite TV shows, uh, IT’S WORKING.
  • The window city. The window museum. And who thinks those weird stick on window applications at Home Depot are cool? ‘Cause, I do.
  • The J Spot? Does Cosmo know about this? Let’s get our best people working on finding it.
  • Matching halter pant suits.
  • Singing. So much singing. Sing your feelings. Sing your angry thoughts! Sing that the bagel is overly salted!
  • Natalie Imbruglia
  • Where IS Wayne Brady?
  • I hate when you don’t know your netflix password, dammit.
  • A cellist who can’t use adjectives. Loves it.
  • Barbie needs some new jobs. I wonder if she ever flew for Pan Am.