I’ve been championing Happy Endings as the ABC comedy that everyone needs to watch, but never have I felt so compelled to write a Happy Endings review as I do after the episode “Spooky Endings.”

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When there’s not a missed beat in any minute of a sitcom, you know you’ve found an excess of wealth in a TV show. Every character was highlighted, every plot device felt fresh, every joke was hitting at the bar or higher. Happy Endings has proved it’s a show with staying power because it’s worth watching.

Every cliche thought you might have had about “oh, so it’s another show about a group of friends, and it’s a comedy…so it’s like every other show” falls away when you watch an episode. So if you haven’t watched yet, do it. The episodes are addictive, and Happy Endings is still so fairly new that you have time to marathon all of the episodes in one weekend.And please do not try to fool me and act like you have action-packed weekends where you eat sushi and go rock climbing all the time. I know I’m not the only one who spends some quality time with fuzzy socks and HGTV on a Saturday afternoon, okay?

I’m forgetting to even address the actual episode, I know! Here are my Happy Endings Review points:

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  • Jane and Brad in the suburbs played out so much better than I thought that story was going to go. The ruthlessness of suburban kids is TRUE, and hilarious. And seriously, no one likes Smarties! Brad being baconed was amazing, as was Eliza Coupe as half a couples costume piece of bacon. I love how earnest her character is, becuase I’m a Type A freakazoid, too.  I can’t not mention Damon Wayans Jr., though – he’s kind of like a piece of perfection that you want to have with you at all times. I wish I could just rent him for a day. Rent-A-Wayans, let’s make that business happen! And anyway, Brad to the hot tub, “I want me inside you” was just terrific.
  • elisha cuthbert marilyn monroeI am SO proud of my girl, Elisha Cuthbert. You guys remember I got to speak with her for a conference call, once? We talked quite a bit on that call (with David Caspe, who is so majorly talented you’re about to know that name as well as you know Judd Apatow’s) about how Cuthbert hasn’t done as much comedy as the others and she was trying hard and how Caspe really did think she was perfect and had the comedy in her. I was like “okay, well, let’s see if that’s true.” And it is. It very much is. And in this episode, especially, she’s killing her lines and then the physical stuff she does shows how goofy she can be (like with her crazy Drag Queen Marilyn Monroe dancing. It was nerdy and it was awesome.) Shes’ taking risks and making the material be as great as it can be. So yea, I’m proud of her. Because I bet a lot of people were like, “She’s the hot blonde from 24, House of Wax and The Girl Next Door, but she’s not funny.” And BOOM, she is.
  • The costume Penny and Max wore was genius. But even more genius was how they explained the reason they didn’t want to separate (no boxers, bathing suit.) It seemed legitimate. That entire storyline and costume was great. I mean, Penny and Max are my favorite characters, and Casey Wilson + Adam Pally are just amazing.
  • The one character who didn’t have quite as much of a storyline was Dave (Zachary Knighton), but the screen time they gave this character (and hey, not everyone can have the spotlight in every episode) was killer. I loved the idea of him wanting to do his own costume, and having it be a topical costume from years ago that was easily mistaken as something else (even with the teeth, people would think he’s Elton John)… I mean, he was so deflated and that was hilarious. Because I’m mean and I take joy from other’s pain. Kidding.  Plus, the entire story with Alex worked out like the best choreographed dance ever when Dave got to then say, “He thinks you’re a man, baby.”
  • Cutting off Max’s line at the end of the episode instead of trying to make it work by having him say something else like “because I have a big sash” was so the right choice. So smart, so amazing, I’m in lurve.
  • ZZ Top Gun is a funny costume.

Here is my “Every Breathe You Take” Song Parody that I’ve begun, which is about Happy Endings. Enjoy. (It’s not very good, but the fact that I was inspired to do this should say something – other then the fact that I’m a crazy TV fan.)

Every liberty you taaaake
Every joke you maaaake
Every funny-bone-you breaaaak
Every outside-the-box-chance you taaaaake
I’ll be watching yoooou

Every Wednes-Daaaaay
Every quote you saaaay
Every pile-it-on-game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching yoooou

Photos: ABC

So, are you watching Happy Endings? Do you think my song is awesome or awesome? And who’s your favorite character if I hold a truth finger gun to your head  (Cougar Town reference, yes) and make you pick just one?