Happy Endings on ABC never fails to have genius quotes.

Happy Endings Quotes

“I’m pretty sure penguins wouldn’t survive in a hot tub.” – Jane

“Less like The Devil Wears Prada, more Angel wears Business Cas’.” – Penny

“I’m telling you, penguins in a loft is not going to work. I feel like I’ve seen it before.” – Brad

“We need a little brainstorming session on my nickname.” – Penny

“And I just took a picture of my cleavage. And I just e-mailed that to my step-dad…” – Penny

“I do say that was some pretty dec’s love making if I do say so myself.” – Dave
“Yea, it was really really fine.” – Dave’s Date

“So you wanna have sex in a Color Me Badd video?” – Dave’s Date

“All jokes aside, we’re counting on those hams.” – Jane

“Now there can’t be Muslim Mexicans?” – Penny’s Assistant

“Bulls game. ’05. Kiss cam? Nailed it.” – Dave

“Why would you lie to me and why would you say I went to Epcott? That is so weirdly specific.” – Alex

“That stapler on your desk, not a camera. Where are the cameras? Everywhere.” -Max

“I was wrong, you aren’t a racist. You have Nelson Mandela’s heart and Michelle Obama’s arms.” – Penny’s assistant

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