Are you a friendly stranger with advice from the future? Let’s take a look at some Happy Endings quotes from the fantaaaazzmic (let’s see if Penny can make that work) episode “Baby Steps.”

happy endings season 2

“Time for my favorite dessert…sex.” – Brad

“How can you think about sex when I have an egg baby out there.” – Jane

“I leave for 24 hours and you turn my room into a German Sex Hostel?” – Max
“Well, I just ordered a pizza so it’s technically this is a Bed and Breakfast.” – Dave

“Oh my God.” – Alex
“I know, my Samantha’s getting really good.” – Penny

“The only place this leads is Melissa Joan Hart playing you in a Lifetime movie.” – Brad

“My store is The Peach Pitt. Deal with it.” – Alex

“This chest hair is majestic! People get lost in it.” – Max
“Your chest hair is feral.”

“Not perpetrator. Friendly stranger with advice from the future!” – Jane

“I love Paris business.” – Penny

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