Below you’ll find a collection of memorable Happy Endings quotes from the season 2 episode, “Yesandwitch.”

happy endings season 2

“You’ll be thanking me, come v-neck season.” – Penny
“Uh, v-neck season is year round.”

“Bye, bye, muffin neck.” – Penny

“So, it’s not the comedy kind of improv.” – Dave

“Tourists ruin everything. This place. The Vatican.” – Max

“See? I know things.” – Max

“We’re like the Gilmore Girls, but we came first so we’re better.” – Penny

“You better neck yourself until you wreck yourself.” – Alex
“I wrote that. It’s nonsense. You can’t neck yourself.” – Penny
“Can’t I? Can’t I though?” – Alex

“Watch me. By which I mean don’t. Because you won’t be there.” – Max

“I need to turn a garbage can fire into a 55 gallon smores machine. Is that what I’m to hear?” – Penny

“I need you guys. You’re the best improvisers a fake tour guide could ask for.” – Max

“Yeah Buoy / Buoy’s on the Side / Let’s Here it for the Buoy’s / Buoy’s in the Hood” – Boat Names

“You want dueling Kennedy’s, you’ve got dueling Kennedy’s.” – Brad

Happy Endings was created by David Caspe. This episode was written by Leila Strachan. The show stars Casey Wilson, Adam Pally, Zachary Knighton, Damon Wayans Jr, Eliza Coupe and Elisha Cuthbert. Happy Endings airs on ABC, Wednesdays at 9:30 EST.