Your complete guide to Happy Endings quotes for season 2. This guide focuses on the season 2 finale.

I broke my leg, Ski-boxing.

Did you guys realize that their Bragelina name is going to be “Eric”? – Alex quotes Happy Endings I tried to get .gov but it was taken. – Max quotes Happy Endings

I’m turning these pigs in a blanket into piglets in a binky. – Jane quotes Happy Endings

I haven’t seen anything that unnecessarily complicated since the third season of Lost. Am I right? – Jane

You know my motto, save the drama for Wilmer Valderama.

We organized the wedding party by height and we already had a 5’8”.

Quiet Jane is the scariest Jane. The world’s most dangerous Jane. – Alex quotes Happy Endings

I have missed the way you say Cuba. – Max quotes Happy Endings

Save the drama for Michelle Obama.

Break out the Madonna mole. – Alex about Mandonna

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Though I will always love Sean Penn. – Max quotes Happy Endings

So bad it’s good cheese. Yea, gimme that funk. – Brad quotes Happy Endings

Who finds love at the Skype table? – Dave quotes Happy Endings

I am so glad that I don’t get invested in your boyfriends of the week that I only hear about through dialogue. – Max

I got earbuds by DJ Jazzy Jeff. – Jane quotes Happy Endings

Hide me under your unnecessary hat. – Max quotes Happy Endings

Eating three meals a day instead of one day long super meal. It’s disgusting. – Max

The Skype table! Had to have it! Welcome to the future.

Two hours ago I wasn’t even in this wedding. Now I run this bitch. – Jane quotes

Was it cause the concierge looked like an Indian Martin Lawrence? – Alex quotes Happy Endings

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