Are you ready to induct six new fictional characters into your life?

Here is a run-down of each of the six characters in the ABC Mid-season show HAPPY ENDINGS. Based on watching the first four episodes, the following grades may change.

Zachary Knighton as Dave:  He’s stranded at the altar in the pilot, that’s not a mystery. He’s kind of ridiculous sometimes, especially when paired up with Brad for scheming. This character, among all of them, is the least-defined for me. Grade: B-

Elisha Cuthbert as Alex: When there’s someone stranded at the altar, there’s someone who leaves. This time, it’s Alex. She coasts into the future, making her the character it’s most difficult to like at first. But she’s kind of dopey, and far from the idealized “perfect girl.” In fact, in the pilot you’ll see she gets “white trash braids.” Alex even has a sister… Grade: B

Eliza Coupe as Jane: She’s Alex’s sister and Brad’s wife, and a future mother. In the meantime? She’ll be mother to all. She’s the Monica Gellar of the group, a type A control freak that’s married to a Chandler Bing type. I’d find this template annoying (and the Ross/Rachel cliche that Dave and Alex are, with the Monica and Rachel being related this time) if Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr. didn’t bring such a spark to their portrayals. It’s impossible not to love Jane, even though you’d plot her death in real life. Grade: A

Adam Pally as Max: An openly gay dude that’s not stereotypical! And he’s funny. And he really does look a little like Paul Rudd. Just don’t steal his leftover food or call him chubby. Grade: B

Casey Wilson as Penny: She’s single and mingling, driving her friends crazy with her “amahzing” new boyfriends. She’ll do anything for the perfect date – even date a guy named “Hitler” or pretend to be Jewish on J Date (just, obviously, not at the same time.) Casey Wilson breaks the “perfectly tiny actress” mold with a realistic body image, and with her amazing comedic performance it’s easy to see why she was cast. She could drive an entire show on her own. Grade: A

Damon Wayans, Jr. as Brad: This is Jane’s husband, a funny dude who is whipped. So far, he hasn’t had his chance to really shine on the show, so we look forward to that. Grade: C+

Plot Premise: While not super realistic (how many people break up and stay friends?) this show is not just another How I Met Your Mother. (Cough Mad Love Cough) While I do compare it to Friends, that’s not a bad show to be compared to. It’s another take on a group of friends, and with writing so tight, I welcome it to Wednesday nights on ABC. Grade: A-

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