Ashley Benson probably enjoys her on-set bedroom! Pretty Little Liars fans had to wait an entire season to finally see Hanna’s bedroom. But the wait was well worth it. We bet

Isn’t her feminine bedroom very pretty? It utilizes a lot of crisp whites, clear glassses and pretty shades of pink/violet. Inside, you’ll notice she has matching lamps on either side of her bed. They’re really fabulous – with matte white bases and milky linen shades. Hanna’s even accessorized one with a sparkly silver butterfly. Her bedspread has a tye-dyed appearance to it, and the bed is helped by a great big heap of decorative pillows. We certainly can’t ignore her fabulous wallpaper, which looks like floating feathers. It has a very watercolor type of vibe, with the layering of sheer colors. To copy Hanna’s room you’ll want to look at this color palette and find similar items.

Emily didn’t mind sharing a room with Hanna, she even had an extra bed!

Hanna loves picture frames. That yellow lamp is also owned by Rachel Zoe!

Further reveal of Hanna’s bedroom shows a simple white chair at her vanity/desk, a very neat yellow lamp and dozens of picture frames. A poster of the Eiffel Tower hangs on the wall near her bed.

Mona makes herself at home in Hanna’s room.

hanna marin room

Notice the mannequin in the corner?

hanna marin room

Here is a close-up. It’s got images from magazines pinned all over it.

Here’s a close-up of Hanna’s vanity table.

hanna marin bedroom

Her vanity has lots of organized makeup on trays, including antique perfume bottles.

hanna marin bedroom

A notebook with zebra print is handy for writing down tips. Like this one: store perfume in your fridge to make the scent last longer. You’re welcome!

Pretty Little Liars bedroom design is very unique for each different character, just as much as is their fashion choices.

DIANE von FURSTENBERG “Tie Dye” Duvets from Bloomingdales (Sold Out)

Truffaut Lamp in Yellow by Kenneth Winguard Fall 2010 (Sold Out)

Italia Chairs from Horchow

This is a bedroom from Ikea 2011’s look book, and it’s very similar to Hanna’s Pretty Little Liar bedroom design with the clean lines and white furniture.

pretty little liars bedrooms

And here are two ikea bedrooms that look the way Hanna might decorate as she gets older. Replacing minimalistic white for minimalistic inky blues and blacks with the same pops of pink and violet is similar to what she does now. The sheer gauzy curtains would look perfect in her current room.

KARIT Bedspread and 2 cushion covers, lilac $39.99, HERE

UNG DRILL Mirror, oval, black $39.99, HERE

LYKTA Table lamp, cerise $14.99, HERE

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