Grimm has given their fairly weak adaptation of Rapunzel in the episode “Let Your Hair Down.”

Grimm Review “Let Your Hair Down”

The series has become a very formulaic criminal drama that happens to incorporate some supernatural creatures. As is usual for most Grimm episodes thus far, Nick interrupts Monroe at home for help while partner Hank is left to his own devices.

Grimm is a darker show than Once Upon a Time in many respects (although not all.) To compare it, you have to note that while Once Upon a Time is using actual fairytales that viewers remember, Grimm only takes the idea of fairytales. Usually this makes sense. For their telling of Rapunzel everything felt off, however.

Instead of being a well known myth in the Grimm community, our Rapunzel was a one time thing. It was a very modern adaptation. Meaning that the story of Rapunzel is… based on something entirely else? That’s a foggy territory. Here, a girl who went missing is found in the woods. Her hair is in a long braid, and she lives in a tree house. The basic elements of having long hair, being isolated, and being up in a tower are therefore established. But it ends there. Her kind of supernatural creature is one we’ve met before, the same kind as Monroe.

The police aspect of this case revolved around our girl, Holly, having been a missing persons case. A neighbor kidnapped her, but she transformed and bit him, and simply never returned (she was likely afraid she’d be in trouble, and afraid of what she’d turned into.)

Grimm is not one of the must-see NBC series (whereas Once Upon a Time on ABC is), but it does stand strong as a nice suspenseful drama to watch on Friday nights.

Photo: NBC