Take note: Grimm is a highly enjoyable show. This darkly twisting fantasy of fairytales ignites the imagination of its viewers. And, yes, after just three episodes I’m hooked. The fairytale knowledge we’ve grown up with makes for a wonderful playground for the Grimm writers to then introduce their own spin.

claire coffee

We began “Beeware” looking at a woman who seemed to be a villain. But she turned out to be the first victim in… I’ll just say it, a string of flash mob bee sting murders. Yup. See, that’s original. You won’t get that on every show. (Note: The victim looked like Tamika from the Angel season 5 episode “Harm’s Way.” But I checked, and it was not Danielle Nicolet… if…uh, anyone else was wondering.)

The first cast member I’m going to single out is someone who is not a part of the official Grimm cast. But there’s something very alluring about the character Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee) so I really hope she stays around for at least most of season 1 of Grimm. She’s probably super evil, blah, blah. I don’t care. She’s fun! Yet I’m worried because while other cast members have 11 episodes to their name (on IMDB), Adalind only has 4.

Nick (David Giuntoli) had to make a decision about whether he was a Grimm first, or a police officer first, in life. He decided to go with what was safe, and he made what was obviously not the best decision in killing off the person trying to help save his life. Oopsies. Evil Adalind was saved, and not without a smirk, either!

Speaking of Nick, since he has this book with all of the pictures and details… and okay, it’s pretty big and he doesn’t have photographic memory… shouldn’t he still take some time to try to learn about it more? Going to it on a case by case basis isn’t super clever. Neither is leaving it locked in a trailer that anyone could break into – just sayin’. The book itself is really cool, though. Kudos to the artist(s) involved there.

The buddy/buddy bromance between Nick and Eddie is fun. Much more fun than the more stable partnership between Nick and Hank. Sorry, Hank!

Grade: B

Rewatch: As part as a season 1 rewatch, or to explore the character of Adalind.

React: What would you grade this episode of Grimm?

Beeware Summary: A SOCIAL MEDIA CRAZE DISGUISES A STRING OF BIZARRE MURDERS – The station is abuzz as Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to a case where an innocent flash mob results in a gruesome homicide. As Nick delves further into the investigation, he learns more about his unique family history, and finds himself at odds when he and Hank are assigned to protect a dark character from his recent past. Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee also star.

As this is my first Grimm review I have to say that I am a big fan of David Greenwalt, and so glad he’s part of this project. Cheers!

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