Songfest may be over, but the results aren't in. Photo from ABC Family.

Songfest may be over, but the true results aren't in. Photo from ABC Family.

We have a feeling that the consequences of the Songfest and the fire are not going away so quickly in Greek. Technically, things seem like they could be resolved as of this last episode “Pride and Punishment” (love that title). However, with all of that buildup surrounding those events, we hardly think the show is ready to drop them from the plot lines. A lot of effort has been put into building up the character of Katherine. Even if she is truly ready to forgo scandal and let the ZBZ’s off the hook, the rest of Katherine’s house might not feel that way. It all comes down to that clipboard. It’s buried, and buried things tend to surface eventually. If that clipboard is found, the ZBZ’s could be in major trouble with the law. And sabotaging a Songfest is no where near as horrible as accidentally burning down a house and lying about it.  Sorry gals. And you won’t look good in orange jumpsuits, no one does!