Katherine meets Rusty with Casey by her side. PH: ABC Family

A business relationship? Katherine meets Rusty with Casey by her side. PH: ABC Family

Monday’s episode of Greek “Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe…Or Not” gave us everything we wanted, and stuff we didn’t even know we did. For instance, I had no clue that I wanted Dale to give Casey a super creepy Valentine’s Card (how much did he WRITE!?), for Katherine and Rusty to hit it off, or for Rebecca to screw things up with Evan already (but not for good, I’m sure Evan will understand!) – but we got all of that.

Part of me is sad to hear Evan talk about how the only girl he’s ever been with and trusted liked him has been Rebecca – but I understand that. And I understand that even more since that mindset can really only come from what he has now – which is nothing (in terms of money). I only occasionally miss Evan/Casey. I’m a Casey/Cappie fan to the core!

Speaking of that pair – I would have looooved some flashback sequences to the Valentine’s Day of Freshman year! Their competitive spirit was cute, and Cappie definitely won that round. But I thought his first idea of giving Casey a seedling he’d grown was  cute, too. Too bad Beaver didn’t think so.

I think my favorite visual of the episode was Katherine in her cute red dress and perfect “Katherine” hair, on a romantic swing with Rusty at the KT party. It was the quintessential Valentine’s moment. But will Katherine and Rusty last? What about Rusty’s overlooked lab partner? Me, oh, my!